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  Viewing my balcony in Berlin as a public space Oct. 11
  Little to celebrate after Obama visits Berlin Aug. 9
  Berlin's true nature came out during Euro 2008 July 12
  Logical and efficient, a nation opts not to marry June 14
  Multicultural nation offers lessons for Japan May 10
  Privacy leaves me a long way from going native April 12
  Changes help divorcees in Tokyo, hurt German women March 8
  I live in a nation obsessed with do-it-yourself Feb. 9
  Merkel's success gives hope for Japan's women Jan. 12
  Christmas, a time for markets and mulled wine Dec. 8
  Both my homes lack true 24/7 convenience Nov. 10
  Service: lacking on the continent, demanded in Japan Oct. 20
  European women: a world apart in most ways Sept. 15
  'East is east and west is west' no more than myth Aug. 18
  Relaxed work environment leads to productivity July 21
  European nation that offers more than old cliches June 16
  Territory Issue September 27
  Renewable energy August 23
  Onsen July 26
  Depopulation June 28
  Population decline May 24
  'Selfish' capitalism April 26
  Commerce and festivals March 22
  Modern media February 23
  Laurence binyon January 26
  2007 December 22
  Language education November 24
  The death of a friend October 27
  Property in Britain September 22
  Natural disasters August 25
  Smoking laws June 28
  Kei Kumai June 23
  Tsunenaga Hasekura May 26
  Global warming April 28
  Past lessons March 24
  Modern Kyoto February 24
  Rural Japan January 27
  Xmas in Japan December 23
  Globalization November 25
  Political Scandals October 28
  Daylight Saving September 23
  Kenji Mizoguchi August 26
  Feeling at home July 22
  France -- unfinished stew June 24
  Like wine, age improves May 27
  Why do we work? April 29
  Say cheese March 25
  Is love . . . a many-splendored thing? February 11
  Autumn of our discontent: No excuses, no apologies December 10
  Random thoughts on being a tourist in my homeland November 12
  Autumn, best season to hunt for champignons October 1
  The lean and mean side of life in a meat-eating nation September 3
  France's summer days of tourists and roast duck August 2
  Choux pastry a shoo-in over cycling spectacular July 2
  Confiture with condiments: a spring taste sensation June 11
  Things Japanese receive ardent welcome May 14
  Generalizations accepted here April 16
  Hearty food straight from the heart March 19
  Sushi wave reaches into French kitchen February 19
  Festive food lights up winter holidays January 22
  Joyeux Noel December 18
  Around-the-clock trial race to the East November 20
  Season of mists, natural fruitfulness October 23
  Enjoying a taste of Asia in France September 25
  Talking, talking, talking happy talk August 28
  Home made bread fever catches on July 31
  Doing what comes naturally June 26
  Training Dec. 11
  Paper chase Nov. 6
  Cruel, cruel summer Oct. 9
  Good health! Sept. 11
  Royal model Aug. 14
  Time traveler July 17
  Home improvement June 19
  Polls apart May 15
  Neighborhood watch April 17
  Hallam's inferno March 20
  Lost patrol Feb. 21
  New Year's revolutions Jan. 24
  Home thoughts from abroad Dec. 20
  Once smitten twice shy Nov. 22
  A cut above all the rest? Oct. 25
  Permanent? No, just not moving Sept. 27
  Splish, splash I was taking a shower Aug. 30
  Take me out to the ballgame Aug. 2
  Call Mr. Spielberg July 5
  Quaking all over May 17
  Election fever June 7
  Fields of dreams May 2
  What the papers say April 19
  Home cooking April 5
  Robert says March 22
  Things changing constantly in today's turbulent times April 3
  Seeing Yamanashi my goal with school soccer team March 6
  Exploring fresh locations is peak attraction for me Feb. 7
  Being down in the dumps invariably cheers me up Jan. 3
  A woman's work is never done in Land of Rising Sun Dec. 6
  Many changes witnessed during the last dozen years Nov. 8
  Every stone has fingerprint on it in Japan's countryside Sept. 27
  Drunks, dangerous drivers driving me to distraction Sept. 13
  Driven to distraction by slow rural drivers Aug. 16
  Going a bit squirrelly cooking in countryside July 19
  Concrete results of DIY projects seen in garden June 21
  North, south, east, west, of them all, Doshi's best May 24
  Things that go bump in night not usually heard in country May 10
  Considerable effort, time needed to pick PTA leader April 26
  Devil's walking stick keeps prickly company April 12
  Hair today, gone tomorrow not worth worrying about March 29
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