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  Struggling Japan Airlines' rehabilitation procedure finally begins June 5
  Unprecedented animal cull June 5
  A better way after a year June 5
  China's cooperation a must as tension rises on Korean Peninsula May 29
  Corporate performance is slowly recovering from global recession May 29
  Diet session in home stretch May 22
  Good luck at the World Cup May 22
  Mr. Hatoyama must rely on experts to resolve the Futenma issue May 15
  Japan should learn from the turmoil over Greek debt crisis May 15
  Troubling new toll system May 1
  Learn from H1N1 experience May 1
  Mr. Hatoyama has to make serious efforts to solve Futenma issue April 24
  There is no change of tack in N. Korea's foreign policy and budget April 24
  The DPJ's new manifesto April 17
  Price for drug smuggling April 17
  Providing adequate support to all child-rearing families a must April 10
  Joint studies should continue to seek mutual understanding of history April 10
  Mr. Kunio Hatoyama's departure shows disarray in the LDP April 3
  Management should invest in human resources for future growth April 3
  Mr. Kunio Hatoyama's departure shows disarray in the LDP March 27
  Management should invest in human resources for future growth March 27
  Political funding reforms March 20
  Reviewing past tax reforms March 20
  Political funding scandals keep coming to Democratic Party March 13
  Number of permits on humanitarian grounds should be increased March 13
  Toyota promises reform March 6
  Nagasaki shows DPJ fault line March 6
  Greater remuneration should be allocated for hospital doctors Feb. 27
  More students need financial support to concentrate on their studies Feb. 27
  Mr. Hatoyama's bold move Feb. 20
  Foreign minister in Seoul Feb. 20
  Japan and China remain sensitive over history-related issues Feb. 13
  To protect and enhance life Feb. 6
  Shots across the bow Feb. 6
  Golden anniversary ― opportunity to strengthen Japan-U.S. ties Jan. 30
  Struggling Japan Airlines' rehabilitation procedure finally begins Jan. 30
  Ozawa under closer scrutiny Jan. 23
  Port-au-Prince in ruins Jan. 23
  Finance minister's resignation a great blow to Hatoyama Cabinet Jan. 16
  Matsui faces new and tough challenges with Los Angeles Angels Jan. 16
  Looking ahead with hope Jan. 9
  Futenma's fate back to the future, worst-case scenario possible Dec. 26
  Mr. Xi's audience undermines Emperor's role under Constitution Dec. 26
  An education in violence Dec. 19
  Choice of EU's new leaders shows importance of political competence Dec. 12
  Obama's bow to the future Dec. 5
  Breaking past pattern is encouraging in dealing with N. Korea Nov. 28
  Japan should seek ways to join U.N. PKO operations more actively Nov. 28
  Knitting the alliance Nov. 21
  Mr. Hatoyama should give thorough explanation of political funds Nov. 14
  DPJ to submit a bill allowing couples to have separate surnames Nov. 14
  More doubts about Copenhagen Nov. 7
  Quick decision on Futenma air facility's transfer needs to be made Oct. 31
  Hub to make Japan's air industry competitive deserves consideration Oct. 31
  Nobel invests hope in Obama's leadership in challenging global issues Oct. 24
  Budget and economic reality Oct. 17
  North should return to talks Oct. 17
  New LDP president needs to develop clear plan for party's survival Oct. 10
  After 60 years, China transformed into economic and military power Oct. 10
  Mr. Hatoyama's world debut Oct. 3
  New government out of the blocks with many difficult challenges Sept. 26
  New government out of the blocks with many difficult challenges Sept. 26
  Coalition on weak foundation Sept. 19
  Impetus for a low-carbon world Sept. 19
  Democratic Party of Japan prepares to take over the government Sept. 12
  Historic day for Japanese politics Sept. 5
  Former S. Korean President Kim has left behind an enduring legacy Aug. 29
  Aso and Hatoyama need to clarify their parties' policy platforms Aug. 22
  New criminal trials under the lay judge system start smoothly Aug. 22
  Videotaping as evidence Aug. 15
  Lowering the legal age Aug. 15
  DPJ's manifesto vows to help households and weaken bureaucrats Aug. 8
  New U. S. ambassador to Japan ready for closer bilateral relations Aug. 8
  Flesh out the manifestoes Aug. 1
  Travel ban on N. K. officials Aug. 1
  The LDP in sheer disarray with anti-Aso sentiment smoldering July 25
  Relief for Minamata victims July 18
  Uighur resentment boils over July 18
  Aso?fs mini-reshuffle of the Cabinet shows his inability to lead LDP July 11
  Situation in Iran not quite back to normal despite final decision July 11
  Truth behind false charge July 4
  Political conflict in Iran July 4
  Public consensus has to be reached for recognition of brain death June 27
  Coolheaded approach is necessary in dealing with a flu pandemic June 27
  Punishing North Korea June 20
  Greenhouse gas reduction June 20
  Political parties should clarify their positions through Diet debate June 13
  What's good for General Motors may no longer be good for America June 13
  North Korea is strutting June 6
  Bring on more debates June 6
  Problems concerning lay judge system should be quickly mended May 30
  Implementing new influenza-containment measures is imperative May 30
  U.S. Marine relocation plan from Okinawa to Guam still vague May 23
  New, creative approach to solve territorial dispute is imperative May 23
  Deadly surge in Baghdad May 16
  Japan and China need to push joint projects, multilevel exchanges May 9
  Despite a ray of hope, G-7 emphasized that downside risks persist May 9
  Time to debate, Mr. Ozawa May 2
  A complicated trial May 2
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