Tranquility and peace in seaside paradise


Expanding on its hotels across the country, the Kato Pleasure Group is proud to present its line of small luxury resorts that includes the Fufu, Sekaie and Kaihourou properties in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.

With many hotels throughout Japan, Tomoyasu Kato, president and CEO of The Kato Pleasure Group believes what is most important in building a hotel in a particular location is designing and building it so that it reflects and amplifies the energy of the land it stands on.

The KPG (Kato Pleasure Group) luxury hotels do just that. ATAMI Fufu is a high-end ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) nestled in the quiet woods about 10 minutes from Atami Station. The 26 well-appointed rooms provide the privacy and atmosphere to allow guests to relax completely. In addition to a bath fed directly by hot spring in each room, there is also the luxurious Spa sisley where guests can unwind and recenter.

With 50 percent of guests being repeat customers, the appeal of the hotel is evident. Other Fufu hotels are slated to open in Kawaguchiko in 2018, and in Nara, Kyoto and Nikko in 2019.

ATAMI Sekaie Tsukinomichi, the second hotel of the Sekaie brand, will have its grand opening on Nov. 3. The “Penthouse” room boasts a private kitchen where guests can have their favorite chef come and cook for them, be it sushi, teppanyaki (iron-grill cooking) or French cuisine. Another recommendation is Japanese restaurant 1 Shio (hitoshio), where sumibiyaki (charcoal grilled) and teppanyaki grilled meat and vegetables are cooked right in front of guests’ eyes.

Last but not least is the ATAMI Kaihourou, a luxury resort designed by Kengo Kuma under the concept of “humans becoming one with water.” The hotel has only four rooms ? all with an ocean view.

Guests can further increase their interaction with water when they walk on the transparent “water balcony” that appears as though it’s floating on water and linked to the sea. Not only the walls, but the tables and chairs are also made of glass, allowing guests to enjoy their breakfast being one with the sea.