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Optical Illusionist | Incredible Senseis at Meiji University #1

Have you seen the optical illusions video that went viral? Prof. Sugihara researches optical illusions from a mathematical perspective. Also, he uses numbers to create as many optical illusions as he likes. Now, let's enjoy his works! Be ready to have your mind blown.

Meijiro's Challenges!

Meiji University's official mascot "Meijiro" will compete in sports and quizzes in celebration of his 10th birthday. Will Meijiro be successful with Meiji students? Let's watch on video.


Three international students go to university in the global city of Tokyo a city just bursting with excitement! The campus is full of mystery, and while there they may just encounter a cute character as well! Hopping over from the campus to the city proper, there will be all kinds of fresh and charming encounters. Experience their exciting lifestyle with Japan’s distinguished traditional school, Meiji University, and the global city of Tokyo as the backdrop.

About Meiji University

Introducing Meiji University by Japanese and international students.

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