Kwansei Gakuin University

  • Hyogo
  • Private institution

  • Address
  • 1-155 Uegahara 1ban-cho Nishinomiya Hyogo 662-8501
  • Contact
  • Public Relations Office
  • TEL: 0798-54-6017
  • FAX: 0798-54-0912
  • Opening
  • 1889
  • Total number of students
  • 24,121 (719 from overseas) as of 2014
  • Fee
  • Admission fee: 300,000 yen for 2014
  • Tuition fee: 635,000 - 1,065,000 yen for 2014
  • Other: 185,000 - 382,000 yen for 2014

Facilities and support programs for international students

Developing world citizens with the spirit to challenge thmeselves and the ability to take action

Kwansei Gakuin University is a Christian university established by Walter R. Lambuth, an American missionary, in 1889. The university's motto is "Mastery for Service," which means "training yourself in order to contribute to neighbors, the society and the world." The university has a total of 11 departments in both Humanities and Science, 13 graduate courses and has 24,000 students. There are several other campuses in Osaka and Tokyo. The main campus is located in Nishinomiya, which is located near Osaka and Kyoto. The campus is in the Spanish mission style designed by William Merrell Vories, a famous architect. It has a red roof and features a cream colored wall. The university is considered the most beautiful building in Japan, and is registered as one of the Tangible Cultural Properties. Kwansei Gakuin University has international and free traditions, and it was certified as "Super Global University" by the Ministry of Education. It has constantly sent many business people into society. The university is famous for its clubs like the American Football Club and Glee Club, which is the oldest boys' choir in Japan.

I pray that you will find your personal life mission at KGU

Ruth M. Grubel

Ruth M. Grubel, Chancellor

Kwansei Gakuin was founded in Kobe in 1889 by Walter R. Lambuth, an American medical missionary born and raised in China. At that time, there were only a few secondary students and teachers, but now, after 125 years, it has become a comprehensive academic community with nearly 24,000 students on 7 campuses, and schools ranging from kindergarten through postgraduate levels. Although Kwansei Gakuin has grown dramatically since its early years, the mission of providing education based on the principles of Christianity to nurture world citizens who embody our school motto, "Mastery for Service," has not wavered. World citizens realize that their actions impact people and the environment around the globe. They actively learn about the earth and the human family, taking responsibility to transform the world for the better.

In all of its schools, Kwansei Gakuin, as a Learning Community, develops humanity, aims to expand each person's potential to the maximum, equips each member to live together with people of differing cultures, religions, experiences and abilities and nurtures world citizens who can make contributions with confidence and capability. Also, Kwansei Gakuin's beautiful campuses, alive with the lushness of nature, provide arejuvenating atmosphere, and opportunities for encounters that will be life-long treasures. I pray that you will find your personal life mission, and pursue your own version of "Mastery for Service" at Kwansei Gakuin.

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