Program provides international immersion

Rikkyo University in Tokyo has launched the Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) this spring to nurture young talent to become global leaders, with the foundation of education based on Christianity and liberal arts.

GLAP is an undergraduate program in which all classes are conducted in English. All students live together with international students in a dormitory for 16 months prior to a mandatory one-year study abroad experience beginning in the fall of the second year.

Following their time overseas, the third-year students are better prepared to further explore one of three concentrations — humanities, citizenship and business — before moving on to their fourth year and graduation thesis.

The program aims to help students acquire global leadership skills through studying in international environments that are diverse in nationality, culture and value. The program selectively admits 20 students a year.

The university's Master of Public Management and Administration (MPMA) Course offers an interdisciplinary post-graduate curriculum entirely in English for students mainly from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states (ASEAN), the Middle East and Africa. The MPMA Course also offers the Linkage Double Degree Program for partner universities.

To better support the partnership with universities and government organizations in the ASEAN region, Rikkyo University in March established its fifth overseas office in Jakarta.

The Jakarta office plays a major role in recruiting students to the Linkage Double Degree Program and networking with the universities, as well as public relations activities of Rikkyo University.

The university partners with 21 universities in eight countries among the ASEAN member states, accepting 30 students from the region.

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