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English-speaking housekeeping services with a smile from Kurashinity

As fulfilling as it may be, there's no denying life in Tokyo can be hectic. Cleaning, laundry and making the bed can fall behind other priorities amid the buzz of city life.

However, specialist housekeeping service Kurashinity in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area is working to make things easier for those yearning to focus on the more important things, be it kids, work or simply living life to the fullest.

Kurashinity offers services ranging from a one-off basis, weekly plans to daily visits for clients seeking complete order in their households. The company also makes sure clients meet their assigned housekeeper in advance for a more personalized understanding of their needs. All of Kurashinity’s staff speak English, and are highly trained to ensure peace of mind and a spotless home.

Even for those who are curious, but wouldn’t usually consider utilizing a housekeeping service, Kurashinity's quality service and reasonable prices present a low-risk opportunity. For professionals living alone within the 23 wards of Tokyo, rates for a comprehensive cleaning service that covers kitchen, bathroom, washroom, floors, dusting, bed-making, as well as hanging and folding laundry can start from ¥2,500 (excluding tax) as part of a monthly plan.

Costs then scale based on the size of a client's apartment or home along with whatever unique requirements they may have. It all begins with Kurashinity’s customized at-home service consultation to make sure clients only pay for the services they need.

Kurashinity's housekeeping services are especially invaluable for those who have just moved and started their lives in Japan. The company's capable cleaners can alleviate some of the most stressful aspects of adjusting to a new home and orienting oneself with the hustle and bustle of urban life. Staff are trained to match impeccable cleaning standards, as well as take care of tatami-matted rooms as needed. Additionally, the company provides Japanese cleaning detergents and tools as a service option.

House and apartment key management are also available, allowing staff to clean in a client's absence. In the end, after a long day of work or exploring the metropolis, there are few things better than returning to a pristine home and freshly laundered clothes.

Founded with the goal of supporting women in society, Kurashinity aims to reduce the burden of household chores in Japan, as well as provide opportunities for women from the Philippines who wish to work in Japan. Their staff are not only trained in housekeeping, but also receive support for their long-term career development.

Start the path to a spotless, stress-free home today.

Until May 31, readers of The Japan Times can receive a two-hour introductory service and the first two hours of Kurashinity’s Regular Service plan all for free. Don’t delay — your home should be your castle.

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