Palatial seaside retreat promises relaxation

Glamday Villa Umito Morito Kaze, a two-story Kato Pleasure Group rental vacation villa that opened in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, in May, offers guests a brand-new luxurious and relaxing experience overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

With its name meaning “the sea, forest and breeze,” guests can enjoy the relaxing freedom of the villa’s unique “aroma therapy,” as the sea breeze bathes the outside terrace with the scents of the woods.

Located about 10 minutes by car from Atami Station (free chauffeur service available), what differentiates Glamday Villa from other vacation rentals is that it is sold under an ownership system, so the owner can use the space according to their needs, be it as a private villa or a rental property for guests when they are not using it. It is equipped with all the high-quality services to provide the type of hospitality that a hotel or high-end ryokan offers, such as barbecue dinners using a big gas grill on the spacious terrace upon request.

The fitted Euromobil Italian kitchen is equipped with every pot, pan, utensil and even seasoning you could ever need, and guests can either cook for themselves or use a delivery service to order in dishes made from savory local vegetables and seafood.

It is an exclusive space available for one group (four bedrooms) per day. There are four different sized bedrooms, a living room, dining room, terrace and an outdoor cypress bath with water flowing directly from an onsen hot spring source. There is also a sauna and a cold bath that guests can enjoy at any time.

The group can have the spacious 8,265 sq. meters all to themselves, and even watch Atami’s summer fireworks from the villa’s terrace.