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Diverse student body key to addressing current problems

By its 150th anniversary in 2027, Japan’s oldest national university intends to have built a brand-new interdisciplinary institute and invite the brightest undergraduates from around the world to come and design the future from Tokyo.


Into a sea of diversity: Creating the future through dialogue

The University of Tokyo is the leading institution of higher education in Japan, with its faculties and graduate schools covering the breadth of academic disciplines. Established in 1877, the University of Tokyo is the oldest national university in Japan, which has contributed to the development of the modern state of Japan. The university has taken the lead in social innovation as Japan’s top comprehensive research university, and aims to provide students with rich opportunities for intellectual development.

The University of Tokyo is comprised of 10 faculties, 15 graduate schools, 11 affiliated research institutes, four university joint education and research institutes, four institutes for advanced study, four interdisciplinary research institutes, three national joint-use institutes and over 40 collaborative research organizations. Furthermore, the faculties, graduate schools and research institutes have facilities associated with them; for instance, the University of Tokyo Hospital is one such facility.

In addition to the three main campuses in Hongo, Komaba and Kashiwa, facilities affiliated with the University of Tokyo are spread all throughout Japan.

Departments and faculties


UTokyo has a total of 10 faculties. A key feature of the undergraduate education is that the first two years (junior division) are devoted to the acquisition of fundamental skills necessary for further study. In the final two years of undergraduate education (senior division), students pursue their fields of specialization.

Graduate schools

The University of Tokyo has 15 graduate schools that offer distinctive education and research opportunities. For detailed information on the graduate schools, please visit their respective pages.

Facilities and support programs

The University of Tokyo Fellowship

This program aims to support outstanding degree-pursuing international students. Recipients will receive ¥200,000 per month as research grant-in-aid until the end of the standard program duration.

Exemptions for admission & tuition fees

Students who have difficulties in paying admission fees/tuition due to economic reasons may apply for exemptions.

UTokyo accommodations

UTokyo operates several accommodations that are open to international students. Applications are open mainly twice a year in spring and autumn and can be made through OSTA (Online System for UTokyo Accommodations).

Japanese language courses

UTokyo offers a wide variety of Japanese language programs for our international students and researchers. The programs are offered through several Japanese language classes at several graduate schools/faculties/departments and the Japanese Language Education Division, Center for Global Education (Center for Japanese Language Education).

On-campus services for international students

UTokyo provides a diverse array of support for students to help them enjoy a rewarding experience on each campus, such as at the Center for Global Education. Furthermore, there are various types of support available for international students such as a visa consulting service, support service for opening a bank account and counseling services.


The University of Tokyo

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