Ryutsu Keizai University

  • Ibaraki
  • Private institution
  • Address
  • 3-2-1 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba,Japan 270-8555
  • Contact
  • Admissions Center
  • TEL: 0120-297-141
  • FAX: 0297-64-9060
  • E-mail: ees@rku.ac.jp
  • Opening
  • 1965
  • Total number of students
  • 5,300 (381 from overseas) as of 2017
  • Fee
  • Admission fee: ¥303,400 for 2017 (*This amount is in case of tuition assistance applied.)
  • Tuition fee: ¥541,100 for 2017
  • Other: ¥242,600 - ¥393,060 for 2017

Facilities and support programs for international students

  • Tuition Exemption Program for International Students
  • This program subsidizes the 30 percent of annual tuition fee for privately financed international students who enrolled in our university but having difficulties in attending school for financial reasons.
  • Scholarship Program for International Students
  • This program provides scholarship (30,000 yen/month) after screening for privately financed international students who enrolled in our university, excel both academically and personally, but have difficulty attending school for financial reasons.
  • Enriching and Fulfilling Japanese Lessons
  • We provide intensive, small-sized Japanese classes in accordance with the individual student's level that help students improve their Japanese ability to the university level.
  • Focused Employment Supports
  • We provide extemsive employment guidance for international students to support their job search.
  • International Exchange Centre
  • Our experienced staff supports international students. You can consult with them on studies, life issues and other issues.

Learning from "professionals" and "onsite experiences". Ryutsu Keizai University is directly linked to business.

At our university, you can study the services and products of leading Japanese companies. Our university was founded in 1965, with support from Nippon Express, a company with business activities across the world, and the biggest comprehensive logistics company in Japan. Therefore, we focus on practical learning, providing the following: practical lessons directly learning from presidents and business entrepreneurs; visits to companies; and small-sized seminars. Our aim is to cultivate human resources who are able to work competently immediately after graduation. Currently, international students from 11 nations are enrolled at our university, and approximately 2,000 graduates are playing active roles in various areas around the world.

The Characteristics of Ryutsu Keizai University

  • Practical Studies and Practice-Oriented Education
    Ryutsu Keizai University was founded by Nippon Express Co., Therefore we provide you many opportunities to learn from actual society and onsite business. Our human resources development program is certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and implemented with support from industry and government. These practical experiences will inspire and stimulate an interest and curiosity in learning.
  • Campuses in Convenient Locations Close to Both Central Tokyo and Narita Airport
    The nearest station to the Shin-matsudo Campus in Chiba is about 30 minutes from central Tokyo and about 60 minutes from Narita airport. The nearest station to the Ryugasaki Campus in Ibaraki is about 50 minutes from central Tokyo and about 80 minutes from Narita airport.
  • Reasonable Living Environment
    Monthly rent is about 25,000 yen to 35,000 yen.
  • International "BBC" Club (Bridge Between Countries)
    An international exchange club consists of about 70 members from 18 countries. Through events and camps, we learn foreign languages and cultural exchanges to enlarge the circle of friends globally.

To download a pamphlet for Ryutsu Keizai University, please click here.

To meet many people and acquire skills to make emotional connections with them

Ailinigeer Adili

Department of Tourism, Faculty of Sociology

Visiting my older sister, who was studying abroad in Japan, was the start of it all for me. The more I visited her with my mother I found myself enjoying Japan, and my desire to live in the country grew stronger. Although I had concerns about communicating in Japanese, I was able to make improvements, thanks to my friends at my part-time job and the experience of speaking with customers at work. Since I plan to work overseas in the future, I am making an effort to obtain qualifications related to the travel industry and studying English as well. My dream is to travel to various places, and make emotional connections with many people with the skills I've acquired.

Departments and Faculties

  • The Faculty of Economics
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Business Administrations
  • We provide lessons directly taught by active presidents and entrepreneurs that help students to touch the real, latest business scenes beyond textbooks. Our aim is to cultivate creative, practical human resources who are capable of casting their ideas into shape.
    Web site: http://www.rku.ac.jp/faculty/economics/

  • The Faculty of Sociology
  • Department of Tourism
  • Department of Sociology
  • The department of tourism is suitable for those who wish to work in the hotel and tourism industry. You can learn the future of international tourism business from our teachers with abundant practical experience such as managers of hotels and cabin attendants.
    Web site: http://www.rku.ac.jp/faculty/sociology/

  • The Faculty of Distribution and Logistics Systems
  • Department of Distribution and Logistics Systems
  • You can learn the knowledge and skill of a comprehensive global distribution and logistics from production to consumption. Our curriculum is designed to pave the way toward business success, so this faculty is suitable for those interested in company management, trade, customs clearance and IT relations.
    Web site: http://www.rku.ac.jp/faculty/distribution/

  • The Faculty of Law
  • Department of Business Law
  • You can learn "international law," "international business law," and the legal relationships in the context of Asian and European cultures. This faculty is best suited for those who wish to become a key person overseas or in overseas companies in your own country in the future.
    Web site: http://www.rku.ac.jp/faculty/law/

  • The Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences
  • Department of Health & Sport Sciences
  • We examine sports not only from the simple aspect of "playing sports," but from various aspects of "sports management" and "health science." Our faculty has produced a rich variety of human resources such as sports trainers and professional athletes.
    Web site: http://www.rku.ac.jp/faculty/sports/

  • To download a pamphlet for Ryutsu Keizai University, please click here.


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