Graduate School, Tokyo University of Social Welfare

  • Tokyo
  • Private institution

  • Address
  • 4-23-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-8426
  • Opening
  • 2003
  • Total number of students
  • 83 (12 from overseas) as of 2014
  • Fee
  • Admission fee: ¥200,000 for 2015
  • Tuition fee: ¥402,000 for 2015
  • Other: ¥179,310 - ¥379,310 (varies by program for 2015)

Become a Highly Qualified Professional in the Fields of Education, Social Work and Child Care through Positive Research

The Graduate School of Tokyo University of Social Welfare conducts the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) as the core of the integration of theory and practice, and provides students with classes to acquire the ability to solve actual problems as practical researchers after graduation. We support the students who want to become professionals in the fields of social work, education and child care in learning the methods of positive research and practice.

We also have the Research Students Program for international students. This program is intended for those students who want to conduct research in the fields of social work, or early childhood care and education.

The program also helps students study Japanese language and culture as needed for their research. It is expected that a student who has completed the program would enter the Graduate School of Tokyo University of Social Welfare as regular students. Typically, the program lasts one year.

However, students who have earned required credits and demonstrated acceptable academic standards may complete the program in six months. The maximum duration of the program is two years. Students who have earned the required number of credits and completed the program successfully are eligible to enter the Graduate School of Tokyo University of Social Welfare as regular students.

(Examinations will be held, but an internal recommendation system is available.)

Departments and Faculties

  • Graduate School of Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Program
  • Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
  • The Graduate School of Clinical Psychology aims to develop a highly qualified professional who has expertise in early detection and intervention, prevention and educational counseling of mental health problems or maladjustment, and can cope adequately with people suffering from psychological problems and conflicts with high-level skills in clinical psychology and a mind for welfare. TUSW is a first-class graduate school as designated by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists, and, upon completion of the program, students will be able to meet the eligibility requirement for the examination for licensed clinical psychologists.

  • Graduate School of Social Welfare
  • Master of Social Work Program
  • Doctoral Program in Social Work
  • Master of Child Studies Program
  • The Graduate School of Social Welfare offers students two majors. The Major in Social Work, which accepts the definitions of social work professionals common throughout the world, is designed to produce professionals who can be active internationally as educators or social work practitioners. The Major in Child Studies is designed to produce professionals and researchers who can analyze and solve various problems related to children's environmental issues technically and from different angles.

  • Graduate School of Education
  • Master of Science in Education

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