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Monday, Jan. 19, 2004

Asashoryu keeps on dominating

The Associated Press Grand champion Asashoryu again exhibited his dominance of Japan's national sport, downing fellow Mongolian Kyokushuzan on Sunday to maintain the only undefeated record at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

Winners   Losers
Hayateumi 4-4   Asanowaka 5-3
Tamakasuga 4-4   Kaiho 4-4
Ushiomaru 4-4   Kitazakura 2-6
Buyuzan 6-2   Asasekiryu 4-4
Wakatoba 2-6   Yotsukasa 2-6
Tochisakae 5-3   Takanowaka 3-5
Shimotori 6-2   Kotoryu 4-4
Miyabiyama 5-3   Takanonami 5-3
Dejima 5-3   Kokkai 4-4
Kakizoe 7-1   Kinkaiyama 2-6
Jumonji 4-4   Kasuganishiki 2-6
Kotomitsuki 7-1   Aminishiki 5-3
Hokutoriki 2-6   Takekaze 1-7
Iwakiyama 2-6   Tochinonada 3-5
Takamisakari 2-6   Wakanosato 5-3
Kaio 6-2   Tokitsuumi 3-5
Chiyotaikai 7-1   Kyokutenho 2-6
Tochiazuma 7-1   Tosanoumi 2-6
Tamanoshima 2-6   Musoyama 5-3
Asashoryu 8-0   Kyokushuzan 4-4

The yokozuna took only a few seconds to deliver Kyokushuzan out of the ring and off the raised mound with a forward thrust on the eighth day of the tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

No. 2 maegashira Kyokushuzan fell to 4-4.

Following closely behind Asashoryu's sole lead are two ozeki -- Chiyotaikai and Tochiazuma -- and two maegashira wrestlers -- Kotomitsuki and Kakizoe.

Tochiazuma, who is hoping to win a promotion to sumo's highest rank of grand champion, swiftly downed Tosanoumi in their bout by grabbing hold of the sekiwake's neck and delivering him face-first into the dirt.

Tochiazuma improved to 7-1, while Tosanoumi dropped to 2-6.

The ozeki, who won November's Kyushu tournament, needs at least 13 wins this tournament to be promoted to yokozuna.

Fellow ozeki Chiyotaikai and Kaio also won, while Musoyama lost.

Chiyotaikai grabbed hold of the back of Kyokutenho's shoulder early into their match to send the No. 3 maegashira down to the mound surface. Kyokutenho's fell to 2-6, while Chiyotaikai improved to 7-1.

Fellow champion-ranked wrestler Kaio overcame Tokitsuumi with a hard shove of the right hand that sent the junior wrestler literally sliding across the dirt mound.

Musoyama, however, succumbed to sekiwake Tamanoshima to fall to 5-3.

One of the maegashira wrestlers still in contention for the tournament title, Kakizoe, forcefully pushed Kinkaiyama around the ring in their bout, refusing to allow the taller and heavier wrestler to grab hold of his belt and get the upper hand. No. 5 maegashira Kakizoe improved to 7-1.

Fellow contender Kotomitsuki overcame Aminishiki to earn a 7-1 record and keep himself in the race for the tournament champion. Aminishiki fell to 5-3.

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