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Thursday, April 26, 2001

Mongolia's Asashoryu promoted to komusubi

Mongolia's wrestling thoroughbred Asashoryu, less than 12 months after winning the junior division makushita title, was promoted to sumo's fourth-highest rank of komusubi for the upcoming Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. The Japan Sumo Association on Wednesday released the rankings for the May 13-27 tourney at Ryogoku Kokugikan, leaving the upper ranks largely unchanged as Takanohana and Musashimaru remain one-two as yokozuna and Kaio aims for promotion as top-ranked ozeki.

And, for the first time since 1988, two ozeki -- Miyabiyama and Chiyotaikai -- face demotion from sumo's second-highest rank, both needing at least eight wins in the 15-day tourney to stave off relegation to sekiwake.

Wakamatsu stable star Asashoryu, however, grabs the spotlight as komusubi after going 9-6 as a No. 6 maegashira in the spring tourney in March and tying the record for the fastest rise to sumo's "sanyaku" ranks since the six-tourney system was instituted in 1958.

Sumo Rankings for Summer Basho
Takanohana (Y, 12-3) Yokozuna Musashimaru (Y, 12-3)
Kaio (O, 13-2) Ozeki Musoyama O, 12-3
Dejima (O, 8-7) Ozeki Miyabiyama (O, 7-8)
Chiyotaikai (O, 0-0-15) Ozeki
Tochinonada (S, 8-7) Sekiwake Tochiazuma (K, 9-6)
Kotomitsuki (M3, 10-5) Komusubi Asashoryu (M6, 9-6)
Wakanosato (S, 6-9) M.1 Takanowaka (M4, 8-7)
Wakanoyama (K, 6-9) 2 Chiyotenzan (M2, 7-8)
Tamanoshima (M10, 11-4) 3 Tosanoumi (M8, 10-5)
Tamakasuga (M7, 9-6) 4 Hayateumi (M2, 6-9)
Tochisakae (M7, 8-7) 5 Takanonami (M3, 6-9)
Kaiho (M9, 8-7) 6 Tokitsuumi (M4, 6-9)
Jumonji (M13, 9-6) 7 Kyokutenho (M1, 3-12)
Otsukasa (M12, 8-7) 8 Kotonowaka (M6, 6-9)
Terao (M12, 8-7) 9 Akinoshima (M5, 5-10)
Kotoryu (M1, 1-6-8) 10 Aminishiki (M15, 8-7)
Higonoumi (M8, 6-9) 11 Asanowaka (M10, 7-8)
Wakatsutomu (J3, 10-5) 12 Hamanishiki (J2, 9-6)
Toki (J4, 10-5) 13 Tochinohana (M11, 6-9)
Daizen (J3, 9-6) 14 Takatoriki (M9, 5-10)
Kyokushuzan (M5, 1-12-2) 15
(Previous ranking and record in parentheses. Y=yokozuna, O=ozeki, S=sekiwake, K=komusubi, M=maegashira, J=juryo, r=rest)

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