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Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2000

Trio of wrestlers earn promotions for Kyushu

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) Yokozuna Musashimaru, winner of the autumn tourney in September, tops the rankings for next month's Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament released Monday by the Japan Sumo Association.

But along with the usual lineup of yokozuna and ozeki, the rankings for the Nov. 5-19 event at Fukuoka Kokusai Center include a breath of fresh air with Hayateumi making his debut at sekiwake and Tochinohana and Wakanosato moving up to komusubi for the first time.

Hayateumi, entering his fifth tourney in the elite makuuchi division for the Oitekaze stable, earned promotion to sumo's third highest rank after going 9-6 as a No. 2 maegashira in September.

Tochinohana, meanwhile, moved up from No. 7 maegashira with a 10-5 record in his third elite division tourney with the Kasugano stable, and Naruto stable veteran Wakanosato rocketed up from the No. 10 maegashira position after going 11-4 last month.

Musashimaru, 14-1 last month, reclaims the top spot in the rankings for the first time since January.

Sumo rankings for Kyushu Basho
Musashimaru(Y, 14-1)YokozunaAkebono(Y, 13-2)
Takanohana(Y, r-15)Yokozuna&nbsp&nbsp
Kajo(O, 11-4)OzekiChiyotaikai(O, 10-5)
Dejima(O, 10-5)OzekiMiyabiyama(O, 8-7)
&nbsp&nbspOzekiMusoyama(S, 10-5)
Takanonami(K, 9-6)SekiwakeHayateumi(M2, 9-6)
Tochinohana(M7, 10-5)KomusubiWakanosato(M10, 11-4)
Akinoshima(K, 7-8)M.1Wakanoyama(M6, 8-7)
Higonoumi(M12, 10-5)2Hamanoshima(M13, 9-6)
Kyokushuzan(M14, 9-6)3Chiyotenzan(M2, 6-9)
Tosanoumi(M1, 5-10)4Tochiazuma(S, 2-4, r-9)
Takatoriki(M5, 6-9)5Toki(M4, 6-9)
Tochisakae(M15, 8-7)6Kyokutenho(M3, 4-11)
Kotonowaka(M6, 7-8)7Tochinonada(M3, 4-11)
Oginishiki(M5, 5-10)8Takanowaka(M5, 5-10)
Kaiho(M9, 7-8)9Kotomitsuki(J4, 14-1)
Tamakasuga(M10, 7-8)10Aminishiki(M9, 7-8)
Kotoryu(M11, 1-14)11Asanowaka(M8, 6-9)
Tokitsuumi(M10, 7-8)12Jumonji(J2, 9-6)
Otsukasa(M11, 6-9)13Minatofuji(M11, 6-9)
Wakakosho(J8, 12-3)14Tamanonada(J5, 10-5)
(Previous ranking and record in parentheses. Y=yokozuna, O=ozeki, S=sekiwake, K=komusubi, M=maegashira, J=juryo, r=rest)

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