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Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007

Big mouth strikes again ... and again

Special to The Japan Times

Is Lily Allen an outspoken genius or an unwarranted meanie? To help you decide, here are 10 of her top tongue-lashings.

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On Victoria Beckham: "She gives a bad image to children. No one should be that skinny. I don't care how much she says that's her natural weight; that's bull. She gets photographed every day and doesn't eat anything."

On Paris Hilton fans: "Five years ago Paris Hilton's album would have done really well [in the U.K.], because we didn't have things like the Internet. Now people can see her for what she is, and think, 'Go away! What makes you think you have a life?' People cheesy enough to buy albums like that should be killed."

On her record company: "I wanted [my songs] 'Cheryl Tweedy' and 'Absolutely Nothing' to be on the album instead of 'Take What You Take,' because I f**king hate that song more than anything in the world. The record company said the Robbie Williams market would like it. But now that I know how much they know about what they're doing, I definitely wouldn't listen to them [again]. I made the album for £25,000 [5.8 million yen] and recouped that in a week and a half. I'm in a position of power with them. I don't owe them anything."

On British music magazine NME: "They sold me down the river. I did an interview and made a sarcastic joke using the word 'gak,' which is slang for cocaine. They used it out of context, and then their public-relations department contacted the tabloids in a shameful attempt to sell more copies. Thanks NME."

On herself: "Just before the end of [my] gig [at Scotland's T In The Park festival], Adrian, my manager, came on stage with a bottle of champagne and told me 'Smile' had got to No. 1 in the charts. After that, I was going up to bands backstage and being really annoying all night. 'Are you in a band? Cool. Are you No. 1?' In other words I was being a right dick."

On Pete Doherty: "I do think he has to be exterminated. It [his behavior] is a bit dull, isn't it? I've always been surrounded by smackheads anyway. It's like, 'Get over it.' "

On Dirty Pretty Things: "Carl Bara^t is obviously convinced he is God or something, though the other two guys who weren't in The Libertines seemed all right. Carl didn't make eye-contact with anyone, and they have 'organic' sliced bread on their rider. Boys, your regurgitated indie-rock days are numbered, so get over yourselves."

On education: "I would've left school when I was 10 if I could have. I just thought it was completely useless. Why spend a third of your life in education to prepare for the next third of your life working to prepare for the next third of your life in retirement?"

On virginity: "Pop stars who pretend they're virgins are probably taking it up the arse more than anyone."

On James Blunt: "[My opinion] rhymes with his surname."

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