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Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012


Tokyo: What are your three favorite things about Japan?


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Jonathon Campbell
University professor, 43 (Canadian)
•The blending of global cultures in Tokyo, from European art to Latin salsa.

•The food in Japan is great too, especially the way that it is influenced by the cuisine from other countries.

•The people of Japan, once you have got to know them, are wonderful and open.

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Tomoko Takeuchi
Consultancy, 39 (Japanese)
•Japanese oysters! The import/export industry of oysters needs support in the north of the country. The Japanese Oyster Association produces delicious oysters.

•Eating out is not expensive and the quality of the food is very high.

•Massage is so popular here and we can have all kinds of massages. My favorite is Chinese.

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Fraser Gould
Magician, 38 (Scottish)
•I enjoy returning home every summer and being thinner than all my friends and family.

•Tohoku was where I spent my first six years in Japan, and I still consider it my Japanese hometown.

•The public transport is incredible and I can go anywhere I want and never be late.

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Megumi Egawa
Office worker, 29 (Japanese)
•Japanese traditions and culture are very strong and act as our bridge to the rest of the world.

•The determined spirit of the Japanese people. This is called gaman.

•Anime and J-movies. They carry a strong Japanese identity and other countries enjoy them, and they aren't political.

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Yutaka Kogami
Web designer, 30 (Japanese)
Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancake). When I lived in the U.S., I missed it so much.

•Records. I collect vinyl, and Japanese people really look after and protect their possessions.

•Fashion. Styles and trends are so open and much broader than in many other places, and they are readily accepted without criticism.

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Nina Bogushevskaya
Art student, 23 (Russian)
Natto (fermented soy beans) is delicious. It must be eaten with the mustard and soy preparation, too.

Matsuri festivals are a great example of neighborhoods coming together and enjoying food, dance and music.

•Black hair — the consistency of the beautiful black hair of Japanese people.

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