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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Peru's Fujimori gets his: readers reply

Readers' responses to Debito Arudou's May 5 Just Be Cause column headlined "Fujimori gets his; Japan left shamed":

Shame on you

I wish you would write "OPINION" above your article in large script, as I have. That way people might think more about the content of your article.

I am an American who has kept up with Peruvian news and politics for over 23 years, both when I visited the country and from afar (I was married to a Peruana and got hooked).

You shame yourself by not realizing the dangerous terrorists that ex-President (Alberto) Fujimori took off the streets, who used to set off car bombs, destroy electrical pylons and disrupt water supplies.

I was there, and I lived through those dark, candlelit nights with stinking toilets that couldn't be flushed because of the limited supplies of water in homes.

And now you want to make him the culprit if Japan doesn't get the Olympics.

Shame on you.


Fujimori, cohorts sickening

Well said, Mr. Arudou! As I also have lived here a long time, it has become harder and harder to excuse the Japanese government's handling of such affairs.

The government should have, in the first place, given Fujimori 30 days to get out of this country. Instead, they coddled and protected him for all they were worth, which really isn't much.

Fujimori and his governmental cohorts are just as sickening.

Thanks for the article!


Days of dictators are over

As a sansei born and raised in Hawaii, it embarrasses me that there are individuals of Japanese descent in this world still doing inhumane things to other human beings. Have they forgotten the Second World War? Have they forgotten Korea? Maybe they think just erasing the history from textbooks will make these things go away.

We who were born and raised here (in Hawaii) are very proud of the fact that we are of Japanese ancestry. Our uncle was one who volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army to fight the enemy (Japan) after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Japan brought disgrace to all of the immigrants who left Japan to live in a foreign county and seek a better life. Did the Japanese government even consider the humiliation and consequences that would follow the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Similarly, Mr. Fujimori did not consider these consequences. The days of dictatorships — of Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini — are over.


Leader accomplished much

I'm not sure how you got your information, but whereas some of it is correct, some is just more of the "rumors" spread by hostile media and Fujimori's political opponents.

Mr. Fujimori did what many previous and even present-day presidents have failed to accomplish:

• He brought terrorism under control (the Shining Path rebels and others, who caused more than 30,000 deaths indirectly or directly, disrupted families, and created chaos, etc).

• He made possible the economic development that Peru is currently enjoying.

• He improved the infrastructure and supported the health system, which until his period in office had been a disaster.

As far as I am aware there has not been any solid proof of Fujimori stealing money, and the guilty verdict he received was based mostly on circumstantial evidence. Considering how corrupt the judicial system is in Peru, it's very dubious that the judgment was fair or just.

Hopefully. Mr. Arudou, you were in Peru at some time, which would make your opinion more credible.

Watsonville, Calif.

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