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Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006


Building 'crisis' mood

Staff writer

It's late. Yumi Sasaki and Shiyori Horie are smoking cigarettes at the headquarters of uyoku group Kojinsha in a residential area north of Tokyo.

Sasaki, 40, a married mother of two with chiseled features, is the head of the five-member group that unmarried Horie, 30, joined two years ago. Behind them, a Shinto altar and a portrait of the Imperial couple hang on the wall. A large Hinomaru national flag is draped to their left.

During the week, the two women are the only female drivers at their respective dump-truck companies; on weekends they ride a different type of truck -- the custom-built black behemoth parked outside in the dark, with a chrysanthemum crest in the windshield and eight speakers on top to pump out more than 400-watts of military marches and strident polemic.

The women explain that the truck -- paid for from members' resources -- is their platform for speeches at local train stations.

Asked how far up they turn the volume, Sasaki answers . . .

We're loud. That's what the speakers are for. We're totally decked out. We kindly request that people listen. But there are also times when we engage in debate. At those times we crank the sound as if to tell our rivals, 'F*****s, listen up good . . . !'

Regular people want to know why our trucks are black. The meaning of black is, "You can't change these colors. We are the right." We're unruly, but it's good if we're feared by rotten leftist politicians. We're telling them, "We'll grab your tail; we'll come chase ya." As far as regular citizens are concerned, we have no intention of bothering them. We just want to be heard and understood.

But rightists really don't do this to be loved by the people anyway. We do it to build a sense of crisis.

What issues do you cover on your weekend outings?

That depends. For example, North Korea has fired missiles, right? In response, we discussed our national defense. How much military strength does Japan have? The public should know, so we say, "If we do not arm ourselves rapidly, missiles will be fired our way."

How do you feel about a female succeeding to the throne?

I'm against a woman on the throne, and against female succession, of course. The system of a male Emperor, with male succession and all the associated history and culture that we've cherished for so long, mustn't be destroyed.

So is it mostly a question of maintaining culture?

Yes. But you can look at it genetically, too. Traits are passed down through the male line. An X plus an X chromosome make a girl and an X and Y make a boy. Hereditary traits are likely to get passed through the Y chromosome, while the X chromosome is said to be weaker. Our ancestors must have had a hunch this was true. Female succession will gradually thin out the royal blood and the Imperial line will come to a halt.

How do you view equality for the mass of Japanese women?

This thing about "equal opportunity" has got all mixed up with politics. The women who created this situation are idiots. They say "equality, equality," but it ends up as discrimination against men. It's the fruit of warped female minds.

"Gender-free" supporters say there are no differences between men and women; that society creates the differences. If that were true, would there really be domestic violence? If the two were really the same, violence would be impossible! A man is born with the body and mind of a man; a woman with the body, mind and motherly instincts of a woman. What a woman lacks in physical strength, she possesses in strength of the heart -- open-mindedness and motherly instincts. Denying that is the height of stupidity.

But your job is something many might consider best reserved for a man. Do you see any contradiction there?

If a woman has the ability to work, she should work. And there are situations in which a woman needs to work -- say, if she's a single mother. There are some things women in our job can do better. We might not be able to hoist things like a man, but we can coordinate the workflow on the CB better.

Discrimination is not acceptable. If we can do the work, we should get the same pay. Men and women are equal. But we're not equivalent.

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