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Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005


Counseling, insurance and prints

TELL counseling

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) is accepting applications for the Telephone Counselors Training Program, that begins in September.

No prior counseling experience is needed as this course provides training in the skills required in this role.

This is a great opportunity for members of the English speaking community to take part in meaningful work that is both challenging and rewarding.

Applicants must be fluent in English and over 21. For information and application forms visit TELL's Web site at www.telljp.com or e-mail lls.assist@telljp.com or call (03) 3498-0246.

Health Insurance

What are the options for foreigners not enrolled in the Japanese "kenko hoken" system?

Basically the non-government health insurance plans in Japan are centered around those that compliment the Japanese health insurance program.

For example, AIG and Zurich insurance provide direct cash payments for hospitalization and other care, but do not provide "health insurance" as their plans augment the Japanese Government Health Insurance.

Zurich Insurance is at www.zurich.co.jp or on 0120-409-777 and AIG at www.aig.co.jp or on 0120-361-777.

The services are in Japanese so you will need a Japanese friend to help you call and discuss the coverage.

There are some restrictions on length of stay in Japan, proper residency etc. and all information is in Japanese.

Interglobal Health care at www.globalhealth.jp (or you can speak to Audrey at 5475 7773) and X Pat at www.x-pat.net (or on (03) 6281-0878) also provide health insurance for the International Community in Japan.

From our readers

The Japanese Government is going to debate passing a law that requires all foreigners to be fingerprinted when entering and leaving Japan, using terrorism and supposedly rising foreign crime statistics in Japan as justification.

However, the greatest terrorist attack to date on Japanese soil was the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system.

This terrorist act was committed by Japanese religious fanatics, not foreigners.

Meanwhile, crime statistics state that 96 percent of all crimes in Japan are committed by Japanese criminals, not foreigners -- and of the other 4 percent, many are visa violations, which can't be committed by Japanese.

It is hard to see the reason as to why such a small percentage of Japan's total crime statistic group has been targeted for such special attention.

Japan still hopes for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. The U.N. have a mandate that rejects racism, discrimination and focused attacks on minority groups throughout the world.

This kind of action will do nothing to help Japan in becoming part of the UNSC.

The law that the government is trying to pass is exactly the opposite of the mandate of the U.N.

Please think about what you are doing Japan -- the world is watching and taking note. -- Paul, Kyushu


Need personalized computer help, personally or as a company in English?

Call Toby at Compucare at (03) 3568-4380 or check them out at www.compucare.jp

Need a place to take your kids?

Check out CRM, which provides go-cart rides for children all over Tokyo! Check out their Web site at www.geocities.jp/crm_kart or e-mail Watanabe-san at crm_kart@ybb.ne.jp

Ken Joseph Jr. directs The Japan Helpline on 0570-000-911 or at www.jhelp.com

Send your queries, questions, problems and posers to lifelines@japantimes.co.jp

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