Kyoto International University Academy

京都インターナショナルユニバーシティー アカデミー

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    International, Bilingual and Christian Education

    Haroldo Simoes
    Haroldo Simoes

    What are the benefits of attending your school?

    KIU Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment based on Christian values. Our small class sizes (about 20 students per class) allow us to identify issues quickly and provide care promptly. We foster academic excellence through a Western liberal arts curriculum accredited by ACSI.

    What university (or high school) do students typically attend after your school?

    Most KIU Academy graduates advance to leading universities in North America and Japan. Some also enroll in universities in Europe, Oceania and Asia (especially Korea). Recent graduates have advanced to Carnegie Melon University, SUNY-Binghamton, University of Nebraska, Wheaton College, University of British Columbia, King's College, Yonsei University, Keio University, Temple University of Japan and many others.

    What sets your school apart from other international schools?

    KIU Academy offers native and second language-level classes of English and Japanese. Students are required to choose one of the two as their first language, and the other as a foreign language. Excelling students may take both as first languages. Other subjects are also taught in either language. We partner with the on-campus university division to provide dual enrollment options to high school students, university credits (transferable) and guidance for overseas studies.

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  • Address1-1 Ichinotsubo Kusauchi
  • AccessShintanabe Station, 15 min. by walk
    Kyotanabe Station, 20 min. by walk
  • Phone0774-64-0804
  • Fax0774-64-0805
  • School cultureAt Kyoto International University Academy, we aim to develop global minds through a U.S. curriculum coupled with bilingual education (English-Japanese). In our safe environment, students receive individual attention and academic opportunities, including dual enrollment in on-campus college-level classes. ACSI accredited.