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    Nurturing the seeds of our future, with love and compassion.

    Tina Iguchi
    Tina Iguchi

    What are the benefits of studying at an international school?

    As graduates of international schools, we at Sakura Valley can say that going to an international school was an experience we wouldn't trade for anything else. It has taught us to be global citizens of the world; to have empathy for others and experience other cultures in a way you wouldn't just by reading a textbook. Children from international schools gain a perspective of the world that is open, accepting and filled with knowledge.

    What is the educational motto of your school?

    Our mission here at Sakura Valley is to provide a high-quality child care program while helping children to reach their potential and become independent members of society, all throughout employing the Montessori method. We are fully committed to creating an environment that serves to the whole child and addresses his physical, social, emotional needs. Our nurturing environment stresses the importance of peace, love and empathy to develop a compassionate human being along with a love of learning.

    What are the benefits of attending your school?

    Here at Sakura Valley, we are commited to help children grow into global citizens. By attending our school, your child will receive the support needed to explore his interests and learn about world around him, while laughing and feeling loved, cared for and supported.

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  • Address7-24-31 Fukazawa
  • Access17 minute walk from both Yoga Station and Sakurashinmachi Station

    Two busses stop directly in front of Sakura Valley:

    Tsurumaki Eigyosho Station Bus #7

    Seijogakuen Station Bus #1
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