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Banyan Tree Gallery

CEO Claire Chiang

Message to young people
Study hard and have lots of experiences to brush up your core skills. You need to pursue your goals by making all kinds of efforts.

I am a third-generation Chinese Singaporean. My grandfather and father were both born on Hainan Island in China. My parents are engaged in the rubber business and I was born in Singapore. We lived in Little India and I grew up surrounded by Indians. I had a big family and felt very safe as I felt like I was protected by my big family. I had lots of friends at school. My neighbors helped each other. I believe the environment was good and I grew up with a good heart.

Bintan Island is not far from Singapore. I loved the beautiful twilight and scenery. If we are touched this much by the beauty, other people must be touched, too. This is how I thought people would find comfort in this experience and I began the business in Bintan. Now I run more than 30 hotels in the world and the number of employees has exceeded 10,000. We have projects for our hotels in the pipeline for the next 10 years.

We had a really tough time during the Thai baht crisis in 1997. SARS was also a major setback. Our industry is the most vulnerable in such crises. Fortunately, we had a lot of help and excellent risk management, and thus we could overcome the crises.

I will keep traveling as long as my energy lasts, and I would like to nurture the next leaders. I believe everybody in the world has something to deliver to the next generation. I listen to the elderly with respect and deliver my experience to the youths. I believe connecting cultures among people of different generations is important.

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Banyan Tree Gallery
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