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Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre

CEO Woffle Wu

Message to young people
In order to succeed, the most important thing right now is to recognize what your specialty is. You need to put in 100 percent and more of hard work and discipline. True success cannot be achieved without doing so.

I did not study much when I was a child. I played with toys and rode around on my bicycle. But I believe I had a sense in valuing beautiful things. Only, I think this is because it runs in the family. It started because I was interested in beautiful things.

If the end result shows the patient’s wishes, basically the patient is satisfied. However, there are times when the patient is not, so it is important to talk to the patients thoroughly. When I feel that the patient’s wishes are not good, I do not operate. For example, when a patient wants to have their nose done but I feel that the jaw should be worked on instead, I need to tell the patient, and unless I get approval, I cannot operate. I try to get balance when I operate.

I would like to do my best and be able to do something others cannot do. In order to create beauty, there are various elements such as technology and sensitivity that need to be considered for judgment. It is not an easy thing to do. It is like being an artist. My goal is to do plastic surgery and make as many patients as possible satisfied.

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Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre
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