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Expertise Co.


Anuwat Yuteeraprapa

Message to young people
First of all, you must take a fresh look at yourself. Then you should act, study and move forward while keeping your favorite things in your heart. This can be done by anybody. Please conduct yourself while keeping this in your mind.

I loved sports very much during my childhood. I was particularly good at playing soccer and snooker. I was not a serious student at school. My family runs a business for manufacturing auto rickshaws and other three-wheeled vehicles for over 30 years. About 80 percent to 90 percent of the auto rickshaws on the road in Thailand are products made by my father’s company. Our company produced auto rickshaws independently about 35 years ago for the first time in Thailand.

I hoped to start a business specializing in auto rickshaw models for export. So I established my own factory. I returned from America nine years ago and then I started thinking about improving the quality of auto rickshaw vehicles and making them compatible with global standards. If the quality of the vehicles remains unchanged, sales will not expand to other countries and the vehicles will remain only as a means of carrying foreign tourists in Thailand. This is what I thought at that time. Then I started developing safety belts because I understood this would be the first step to enhance the quality of the vehicles and make them compatible to world standards. We also had a auto rickshaw promotion strategy. We launched a Web site for our vehicles in an attempt to obtain customers outside Thailand. As far as I am concerned, I focus on improving the quality rather than making profits.

I hope that auto rickshaw vehicles will remain with Thais forever because they are a Thai product. Hybrid and electrically driven vehicles are drawing strong attention around the world. I am also interested in using electronic technologies for the vehicles. Actually, we are trying to develop an environmentally friendly electric auto rickshaw vehicle. I would like to open an auto rickshaw hotel with all kinds of service to be provided with our auto rickshaw vehicles. I also hope to have a museum with auto rickshaws and other three-wheel vehicles to be displayed as part of the hotel.

Company Profile

Expertise Co.
Manufacture and sale of three-wheeled vehicles (Tuk tuk maker)