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Meikeikai Medical Corporation

President Toshiaki Takizawa

Message to young people
Some people are too quick to judge that they are not cut out for their current job because they are not good at it. Isn’t that because they have not pursued it enough? I once thought that I wouldn’t be a good dentist due to a lack of surgical skills. However, I did not give up; I studied hard because I thought I needed to overcome my weak point to maintain my confidence as a dentist. Through my efforts, my weak point has gradually disappeared and here I am after 20 years, a dentist of a clinic that specializes in dental surgery. You just need to keep working on your weak points to make them into your strong points.

I had been interested in medical care since I was very young. The reason why I chose to become a dentist among all other occupations in the field was because it was the easiest medical specialist for me to relate to as a child who often visited dental clinics for treatment and braces adjustment. However, because I didn’t like receiving dental treatments, it’s odd that I actually grew up to be a dentist. What I strive for most since I started my own clinic is to provide information from a neutral perspective to solve each patient’s unique problem. Doctors tend to steer patients to the kinds of treatments that they are good at, or push them into certain patterns that they have experience in. But those treatments may not be what the patients feel comfortable with. It is necessary to listen carefully to the patients to find out what they are thinking. Let’s say there is a bad tooth that most dentists would choose to pull out. But we never know if the patient wants to have it removed, too. It is also often the case that the pain is so bad that the patient wants to have a tooth pulled as soon as possible on their first visit, but may change their mind and want to keep it when the pain subsides. As a solution for the difficulty in deciding the treatment method, I propose three options for my patients. The first and second options are the best and second-best treatment methods based on the diagnosis and my medical insight and experience. The third option is to provide a temporary cure, including the use of a provisional denture, to give the patient the time to think before deciding on the actual treatment. During the additional time the patient gains by adopting a temporary cure, they can revisit and have more communication with us, which often helps reveal what the patient is really concerned about. I also encourage other dentists and staff working at my clinics to set their own targets. Once people are out of school, nobody creates a curriculum for them to follow. I want them to go one step further than last year. For example, one receptionist tried to improve their communication skill to give a better and more friendly impression to patients over the phone. That is definitely a step forward. A small achievement can make a difference. The accumulation of achievements will bring about growth. I hope that young people strive to continue what they should be doing to become who they want to be with a strong sense of purpose.

Company Profile

Meikeikai Medical Corporation
Management of dental clinics (Takizawa Dental Clinic and Shonan Fujisawa Dental Clinic)