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Tuan Chau Group

CEO Dao Hong Tuyen

Message to young people
I would like to tell young Japanese people what Vietnamese think of Japan. We are proud of Japan being part of Asia. Generations before you made Japan a country Asia can be proud of. I would like Japanese youths to cooperate with Vietnamese youths to establish an amicable relationship and make Asia better.

I was 25 when the Vietnamese economy expanded. But my life encountered its first major turnaround when I was 14. Prior to going into battle, there is a ceremony where one vows to die for the country, and I really made up my mind to do so. I actually had ideas and dreams in my head, but did not have the money and influence to realize them.

As a grown-up and before starting my own business, I was working for a nationalized entity and studied by myself at night. By studying, I met many smart people who changed the way I thought. Then I decided to do something with help from these people. With cooperation from chemical experts, I decided to make machines to create fertilizer and drinkable water from equipment abandoned at a factory and scrap metal from the war. That became a success, and I built 34 factories including paper-making plants.

Since I was a little child, I wanted to do something other people were not brave enough to do. That is how my big project began to turn an island with no diplomatic relationship with any countries into a resort island. We created a 3-km road on the island, which became part of Ha Long Bay after the road was completed. I would like to expand the island and turn it into a city.

I would like to keep the resort island as a construction work forever. My goal in my life is to enable people to use the island even after my death.

Company Profile

Tuan Chau Group
Real estate, investment, banking, security dealing, manufacturing, exporting, hotel operations, tourism and entertainment