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Plus M, Inc.

President Yukihiro Murota

Message to young people
Pursue how you want to be instead of what you want to be. You can be many things to become how you want to be. Everyone is a beginner. Do not give up before you start.

People visit my acupuncture clinic harikyu in Shinagawa, Tokyo, for different reasons, including injuries, muscle pains, weight issues, fatigue and beauty care. Often, patients come to see me for a combination of several of those.
In Western medicine, a patient with knee pain may go to an orthopedic clinic, or a patient with a headache may take painkillers prescribed by a physician. Few doctors make diagnoses of a knee injury and a headache at the same time.
However, we do not just focus only on treating a single symptom at a time. The cause of pain could be something that is seemingly unrelated, such as poor blood circulation or a gastrointestinal malfunction; our job is to find it and treat it holistically.
I believe in the body’s natural healing power, especially in terms of getting over chronic pain and discomfort. Through communication with my patients and what I learn from the positioning of the spine or joints and the stiffness of muscles and internal organs, I develop a treatment, consisting mainly of acupuncture and judo therapy, best suited for the person.
Judo therapy is a licensed practice originating in judo that applies the movements unique to judo to treat damage to bones, muscles, joints and soft tissue without using surgical techniques or medicine.
One would imagine that the physical maintenance of an athlete and a beauty treatment requires two totally different approaches. Of course, the treatments are tailored for each person according to their problem, body type and lifestyle habits, but the core is the same for everyone; what makes your body healthy also makes you beautiful.
Many of my patients are particularly interested in weight control. Eating too much, exercising too little and weighing too much as a result can cause a lot of health problems, so it is good to be self-conscious about weight. However, hitting a specific target should not be the goal.
Many of those who go on a diet tend to regain weight as fast as they lost it, and they repeat that cycle. If you go too fast, you could be exhausted by the time you reach the goal.
Others lack in positive self-image. For example, I had one patient who managed to follow 80 percent of a weight control plan, but that patient was too obsessed with the 20 percent missed and felt bad about it.
Why not feel confident when you’ve come close enough? Thanks to the 20 percent failure, you can experience and learn many things: how heavy your stomach feels when you eat what you didn’t plan to, how difficult it is to get yourself back on track and more. Having a positive self-image and learning from failures without letting them eat away at you is an important skill not only for those on a diet, but for everyone living in this competitive and stressful world.
It is the skill that I try to maintain as I strive to become who I want to be. My current career as an acupuncturist is one of the means to reach my goal, but it is not the only way. I opened my first clinic in Saitama, and then I opened harikyu in Shinagawa. I am now preparing to launch the next one in Gotanda, Tokyo.
However, being open to any opportunities that may arise through the lively interactions with the people around me, I came across a chance to become the owner of a taiyaki (fish-shaped cake filled with bean curd) shop, and I did not hesitate to grab it. A project to open a new cafe is underway too.
I try not to limit what I do to put smiles on as many people’s faces as possible.


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