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Wacoal Holdings Corp.

President Yoshikata Tsukamoto

Message to young people
Young people hold latent possibilities without limits. I wish they do their best with a challenging spirit.

When I was an elementary and junior high school student, I was inconspicuous and just another student. But, after spending my school days at a rough public school, I learned toughness to live my life. When I was a university student, I went to the U.S. to study and realized that “nothing can be changed until I change myself.” After that, I tried to make myself actively involved in different cultures and this experience gave me big confidence in my later days.

When I was little, I never thought about succeeding my father, the founder of Wacoal Holdings, and thought about forming my own company, but I didn’t have any specific plans. But with recommendations from others, I joined Wacoal after graduating from university.

Soon after joining Wacoal, I was dispatched to Itochu Corp. for work, and was in charge of exports of textile products in a section with about 10 workers. Back then, I found that the sales in the section were about the same as that of Wacoal’s Osaka branch. The size of a business of a trading house is incomparable to that of a manufacturer. After I came back to Wacoal for work, I remember I felt the units of business were very small. For example, in selling underwear, we sell them piece by piece for only several hundred yen to generate sales figures in the hundreds of million yen. At Itochu, I learned the joy of work and gained confidence in working. Also at Wacoal, I learned the significance of building up little things day by day.

I became president of the company in 1987, but the founder named me as his successor 10 years previously. I remember I was surprised with the appointment because the founder never told me about it. I have had many episodes of unsuccessful businesses after becoming president. All the new businesses I started such as men’s clothing and a yogurt business, failed and the founder told me, “Focus on the business.” After that, I am building through slow, but steady efforts, utilizing the legacy and strength of the Wacoal brand which was built by the founder and other senior staff, climbing the stairs step by step to reach out our goal to be “the world’s Wacoal.”

As of now, Wacoal is actively engaged in exploring overseas markets, selling our products in more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, the U.S., China and in Europe. We will focus more on research and development of new products to meet our goal of “Making women in the world beautiful,” and will deliver the products that are loved by all women all over the world.

Company Profile

Wacoal Holdings Corp.
Manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of inner ware and other textile products