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Miyamoto Manufacturing

President Takashi Miyamoto

Message to young people
Today, I want people to be more ambitious. And I hope their ambition is based on the idea of what they can do for other people. Good luck to you all.

I was born in Akabane, in Tokyo’s Kita Ward, and my family moved to Kawaguchi in Saitama Prefecture when I was 5 years old. I went to a local elementary school junior high school and graduated from Saitama Prefectural Warabi High School. I don’t recall any particularly fun things about my school days, but I did well on my exams. When I was in my second year of high school, my father formed his own company to start a machine processing business.
After graduating from high school, I didn’t go on to university. Instead, I started working at Miyamoto Manufacturing, which was being run by my father. I didn’t hesitate to join the company, as I thought it was natural to start helping my father after finishing high school. I worked very hard, without questioning the role of the company as a subcontractor. When I was 30 years old, I joined Junior Chamber International Japan. The organization requires its members to leave the group at the age of 40, but since I didn’t come across many opportunities which would allow me to grow as a corporate leader, I left at 38. I devoted myself to work in my 40s and 50s.

I thought it was good for my father that he served as the president of the company for the rest of his life and he did until he died. He was very cautious in business, and hated borrowing money. I, however, thought the company needed capital expenditure to grow. This led to my father and I sometimes clashing over the future of the company. Although I had practical control of the company when I was around 40 years old, I still needed my father’s signature to bring in new equipment. Once, I only managed to gain his approval to bring in some new equipment the night before the equipment was to be delivered. My father once said to me: “How long do you want me to work as president? You take over for me now.” But I kept him in the position even after that.

When I felt that I had covered all the things that I intended to learn there, I was introduced to someone who started his own company when he was a university student. The meeting reminded me of what I had originally wanted to do.

Right after I took over from my father, I formed two new companies in an attempt to change our business from being a subcontractor. One of the two companies was called IT Concept, but the company’s operations have been on hold. The other one, Tokyo Magnesium, is a trading house specializing in magnesium that imports and sells raw materials used for magnesium-related products. We decided to specialize in magnesium-related businesses in 2003, with the intention of no longer being a subcontractor. But the steps were not easy at all and only the strong desire to change our business from being a subcontractor saw us get to where we are today. From here on, we will materialize the many latent possibilities of magnesium. Aiming to make a significant contribution to people’s health, we will continue manufacturing products using magnesium.

Company Profile

Miyamoto Manufacturing
Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Production and sales of magnesium products, magnesium processing