100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2017-2018 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

UFO Transportation Co.

President Sai Su ken

Message to young people
If you don't pass up an opportunity, you can succeed! Enhance your usefulness and be useful. Get things done aggressively. Don't waste ideas. Don't blame others. Do with all your heart and devote yourself.

When I was a child, my parents were busy with their work, so I stayed with my grandparents and helped them tend their farm after school. I was thinking about becoming a teacher because I wanted to manage people. When I was a student, I worked part-time. Meeting people through these jobs was a valuable experience.

I entered transportation industry when I succeeded my father as president of his company. I had often helped my father's work when I was a child. I think that experience helped me to get to where I am now. I gained much strength and courage through engaging in hard labor. I had also seen my father work so hard, as transportation services at that time generated only a small profit margin.

I am always thinking about how to improve efficiency in transportation or how I can provide better services in the warehousing business, so that we can make customers happy. I value the spirit of altruism and my goal is to do my best rather than become number one. It is not easy to make customers happy. I taught my staff to treat their customers like their boyfriends or girlfriends and to grow with their customers. If their customers are satisfied, staff would learn from it and grow. I believe that many Japanese companies have been successful and have grown steadily because they know the customers’ demands.

The hardest experience I ever had as president was when I made a bad investment decision and faced a crisis with my business. Fortunately, I overcame the crisis thanks to the trust I had garnered over the years. It was an invaluable lesson and I recognized how important trust and reliability are. The biggest decision I have ever made was to move into the warehousing business. I don’t see the company’s current stability as a success. I believe that by being active and never giving up are the only way we can succeed. I always pay attention to what customers think and want, and I believe that creativity generates value for customers.

I would like to make our services to have a human touch by having solid communication with customers and to focus on developing the global market. Taiwanese like Japanese goods, so there are lots of business opportunities. The key to success is to listen and understand customers’ needs and provide what they really want.


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