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Accounting Porter Co., Ltd.

Managing Director Kazuhiro Tadano

Message to young people
I think young people should get out of Japan more. Not many people want to take on the challenge of a career abroad even if we recruit them. I think Japan will become more energized if more people were to become interested in developing their careers abroad. As part of changing their jobs, they could work overseas or even in a foreign company. If they don’t like it, they can always come back.

Accounting Porter is an accounting firm based in Bangkok, offering support across diverse areas in addition to outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services for Japanese companies expanding into the Thai market. We are more like your neighborhood accounting firm that can help with a variety of things. I believe we are helpful in many areas and I enjoy my work.

Accounting Porter is unique for three reasons. First, we strictly meet our deadlines. In Japan this would be considered as nothing special, but in Thailand this is often hard to achieve. Many companies come to see me when considering switching accounting firms based on concerns over deadlines. In our case, many of our clients are publicly listed companies and we can deliver monthly reports within as little as two working days, depending on our contract.

Second, we have a Japanese person in charge that reports to our clients’ Japanese counterparts. It’s important to have a Japanese person responsible for reviewing and personally reporting to clients’ Japanese managing directors. In other firms we often see local staff handling everything without reporting or involving a Japanese person in the process, which can lead to complaints from clients.

Third, we can prepare and review consolidated information for consolidated financial statements for the parent company. This is difficult to handle unless you are Japanese with an accounting background in Japan. We have people with the necessary accounting background so questions can be answered and matters resolved on the spot.

Satoshi Aikawa, managing director of one of our group’s firms, the Tokyo-based Atagoyama Accounting Firm, holds a Japanese CPA and is a tax accountant. He visits Bangkok every month for a week to review and report to his clients. Additionally, Aikawa looks after the Singapore office.

Our Myanmar office’s Director Hirosuke Setoyama also holds a Japanese CPA, and works in Bangkok two weeks every month. From a clients’ perspective, they feel a sense of security working with CPAs who used to belong to major auditing firms or as a CFO of a publicly listed company, such as myself.

Additionally, Aikawa and I established Asset and Accounting Advisers to do real estate consultation and asset management in Thailand. I am also involved in Snow Town, which is an indoor themed village with artificial snow in Gateway Ekamai shopping mall.

We are also an authorized sales representative for the Thailand Elite Program, which is a government-sponsored membership program offering tourist visas and various privileges. Actually, this has proven quite popular and we have people applying almost every week.

Thai people enjoy company gatherings and company trips. Recently we celebrated our company’s fifth anniversary and we are planning to go to Okinawa this year on our company trip since there is a direct flight from Bangkok now. I hope to show the charms of Okinawa to my Thai staff. Since the social welfare system in Thailand is not well established, a good benefits package, including health insurance, is also important to keep our Thai workers motivated.

I hope to expand our group and establish an accounting service office in all Association of South East Asian Nation member countries. Currently, we are applying for a business license in Vietnam for our Ho Chi Minh City office.

Company Profile

Accounting Porter Co., Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand
Accounting service, supporting Japanese companies expand business in Thailand