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Kawata Pain Clinic

President Keiji Kawata

Nara Prefecture
Message to young people
I want the younger generation to have the courage to make decisions for your future. If you don’t make decisions, time will pass you by. Even if you don’t, you may end up in the same destination in your life. Even so, there is a significant difference between “a destination you were determined to reach” and “a place you reached after drifting with no active decision.” Things may work out in your life, even if you let yourself drift without making decisions. But, if you want to spend a meaningful life with no remorse, I want you to make decisions with courage when you come to the crossroads of your life.

An “unswayable” adult is an adult who is flexible, but at the same time has their own frame of mind. I think of such a person as a “cool adult.”

My father was a doctor and was running a medical clinic. Given such a living environment, it was natural for me to choose to be a doctor for my career. In the early days of my career, I was engaged in anesthesiology because I wanted to have opportunities to observe a lot of different kinds operations. An anesthetist is engaged in all kinds of surgeries, and is responsible for managing the condition of the patient’s entire body during surgery. Although I had opportunities to watch many surgeries, I didn’t have opportunities chances to talk to the patients themselves. So, I didn’t have any chances to examine patients from beginning to end by myself. Anesthesiology is divided into the two categories of an anesthesia section and a pain clinic section. The anesthesia section is responsible for managing the condition of a patient before and after surgery, while the pain clinic section is responsible for treating pain. It is the pain clinic area that allows an anesthetist to examine a patient from beginning to end, and that is why I wanted to be a pain clinic doctor. A pain clinic is a medical clinic specializing in pain treatment, not only treating persistent pain with clearly known causes, but also alleviating pain with unknown causes and present no physical abnormalities in examinations.

It was my moment of determination when I made up mind to open up my own clinic. I wanted to open my own clinic to offer my ideal, self-styled pain treatment attentive to details, rather than in a university hospital, which is a larger framework with many restrictions in offering medical care. When I was an intern, I had a patient suffering from severe pain. I thoroughly treated the patient for his pain, and I was with him until he died. Right before the patient died, it was not the attending doctor the patient relied on; it was me. That experience pushed me to make up my mind to open my own clinic to offer pain treatment services that cannot be provided at a general hospital, and to offer more patient-friendly pain treatment with more time spent on each patient. Patients complaining of pains range from those suffering severe pains, which may require treatment at a university hospital, to those with less serious, but persistent, daily pain. I found that many of those patients simply cannot be cured with nerve blocks or drug therapy that are the main treatments of pain clinics at university hospitals. I opened my clinic to offer such patients my own treatment to meet their demands. That is how Kawata Pain Clinic started, as a place where patients could ask questions about their pain.

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Kawata Pain Clinic
City of Nara, Nara Prefecture
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