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H&M Principle Co., Ltd.

President Akira Masabayashi

Osaka Prefecture
Message to young people
I want you to spend your life thinking all the time about what you should do now to prepare for the coming five and 10 years, and about what you want to be in the future. You may think it is OK if you have fun only in the moment and that you want to spend your life that way. But I want you all to care about your life today, as well as in the future. A lifetime is too short to master learning.

My father had very strict rules for me when I was a child, and I could not tell him what I really wanted. I remember I always cared about what my parents thought about what I did. I respected my father, but I wanted to spend my life making my own decisions and not be on a course chosen by them. Since I was interested in computers and artificial intelligence, I specialized in management engineering in college. After graduating, I worked for an IT company as a systems engineer for seven years before switching to being a salesperson. The job entailed making proposals to customers to utilize computer systems to make their businesses more efficient while cutting costs. The objective of the job was selling the systems, and I was unsure about what I was doing, and whether we were providing our customers with something that really satisfied them.

At that time, I created an in-house consulting division because I wanted to do something more for our clients. Things didn’t run smoothly in the beginning and many of my customers were suspicious about the consulting business itself. I was struggling to gain their trust and found that it was best to empathize — as if I were one of their own employees — over their problems to find the best solutions for them.

Through speaking to my customers every day, I realized that most of the problems had to do with management issues such as cutting costs and increasing sales. It is of course important to solve the issues and problems at hand, but it is also important to talk about what happens next. Few of my clients talk about their future, including their dreams, after solving the problems at hand. Their dreams can be anything such as “I want my company listed on the stock exchange,” or “I want to have my own house.” I want company management to ask this “what happens next” question to themselves again and again to create the future look of their businesses. Additionally, I want my consulting service to help make their dreams come true. Consulting is not to tell customers what to do; it is to give them tips.

I myself have a dream. That is to get the Kada area of Wakayama Prefecture listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. I happened to visit the area and was moved by the scenic beauty and delicious food there. Unfortunately, the area is little known on a wide scale as the population is declining and there are very few promotional activities. I want to make the best use of my knowledge and expertise as a consultant to work on branding the area and spread its appeal.

Company Profile

H&M Principle Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Consulting services on strategic business options, business improvement, IT