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magneticfield Inc.

CEO Masamori Yamamoto

Aichi Prefecture
Message to young people
It may be hard to have a skill that makes you better than anyone else, but I think everyone can believe that they will never be beaten by others. I think a person should stick to their beliefs without giving up. If people hold on to that, they should be able to live a cool life. Also, I don’t want young people to simply follow someone else’s values. These two things would be my message. Based on my experience, if a person sticks to the work that they are really interested in, they will find a way. People shouldn’t let anyone else’s values affect their lives.

My dream was to become a professional soccer player even before J. League was inaugurated. I’ve been playing soccer since second grade. I was the team captain in both junior high and high school and I went to Brazil on my coach’s advice to play there. After returning to Japan, I joined the Thespa Kusatsu soccer team, was a trainee at several J. League division 1 and 2 teams and became a translator for JEF United Ichihara Chiba.

In 2005, after ending my career as a soccer player, I joined our family business Nakamuraya, a neighborhood liquor store, which also delivered to the local community. After five years, I took over the business, and decided to change the way my father had run the business. During the five years, I visited kuramoto, or sake breweries, nationwide and studied sake seriously. Instead of dealing with tonya, or wholesale dealers, I decided to purchase directly from brewers and handle only brands that I have confidence in in. Although my father used cater to the entire community, I decided to concentrate only on sake, while discontinuing sales of other alcohol and terminating the traditional business.

Then I created Yata, a standing style bar that exclusively serves junmaishu, which is sake produced only from rice with no added alcohol. My intention was to stimulate liquor shops so they would be more energetic. I also wanted to spread the word about the appeal of sake to the world since I was fascinated with the world of sake. That is why I named the bar Yata, from Yatagarasu, a mythical bird that is said to have guided Emperor Jimmu, so that we can navigate sake to the world.

I opened the first Yata sake bar in Nagoya in 2012. Back then there were no bars or restaurants that served sake properly in Nagoya so it became a hit. Today, there are two Yata in Nagoya, three in Tokyo and a franchise in Sapporo with more to come. Ninety percent of our customers order the kikizake sake tasting course where they can taste different kinds of sake recommended by the bar staff for ¥2,000 an hour. Communication is important at Yata, as our sake experts will confer with guests to lead them to the perfect choice of sake.

I created the kikizake course to introduce customers to sake so they can gain sake knowledge and experience the charm of sake in a casual setting. Customers can drink any sake brand, but are not allowed to repeat the same brand in the same visit. I want customers to find sake attractive and I want to educate them so they will know what type of sake they prefer, not in terms of brand name, but by preference of taste.

Other businesses may be able to imitate the style, but they can’t copy our operation or our training methods to educate sake professionals. I also designed the franchise package to expand globally and stimulate sake boom overseas. Currently, I am discussing our business with potential business partners abroad. I believe now is the best time in my life to spread sake and make it popular.

Company Profile

magneticfield Inc.
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Operation and franchising of sake bar Yata, online liquor shop