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Usui Dental Clinic

President Takashi Usui

Fukushima Prefecture
Message to young people
Your hard work will bring you results. It might not be what you expected, but you will have it little by little. So, do not give up and keep up the hard work.

After graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry of Ohu University, I joined the second section of the preservation department of Ohu University Hospital. The doctor in charge of training us back then told me: “There is always someone superior to you, and there is always someone inferior to you, too. Don’t think of those below you. Always look up to someone above you to work harder.” This is the motto I chose to follow for my career as a dentist. After working at several dental clinics, I opened Usui Dental Clinic in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, in 2000. When I had my first patient, I made up my mind “to be responsible for the health of my patients and support their quality of life.”

When I was an elementary school student, my father died of hepatic cirrhosis. He wanted to be a doctor, and his death was a major influence on my deciding to go into medicine. He had received a contaminated blood transfusion, and was infected with hepatitis, later suffering from hepatic cirrhosis. Back then, sterilization and disinfection of medical equipment was primitive, and not much attention was paid to blood contamination. They even conducted blood transfusions with sloppy blood type cross matching. My father needed blood transfusions because he was born unhealthy and when he died, my mother fell into deep grief and I remember being very sad. For the sake of my father’s memory, I should have opted to go to a medical school to be a medical doctor, but I didn’t. That was because my uncle was a dentist and also because I had only negative impressions about hospitals, as my father died after a long hospital stay.

One thing I always have my mind in running my clinic is that I want to create a dental clinic that I would like to go to. If I go to a dental clinic, I don’t want to feel pain; I want to be relaxed in the waiting room; I want the dentist to use safe equipment in treating me and be serious about treatment techniques. Thorough disinfection and sterilization is something I have always kept in my mind since the day I started my career, as I believe that infection via medical treatment should never take place.

Medicine makes progress every single day and every single month. Staying in one place actually means falling behind. A doctor is required to learn the most updated techniques and use the most up-to-date medical equipment. So, there is no finish line for me. I should continue to study and make progress all the time. And, I should be thankful that many doctors and staff have supported Usui Dental Clinic. Last year, I had an opportunity to make a speech at Ohu University for young doctors and students, and it is now my priority to educate young doctors. Moving forward, it would be great if I could be an inspiration to young doctors to enlighten the future of the dental industry.

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Usui Dental Clinic
Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture
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