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Yukawa Rheumatology Clinic

President Sonosuke Yukawa

Message to young people
Nowadays, I believe the most important thing is to interact with people such as mentors, colleagues and patients. Out of those interactions, a firm determination should grow to drive you to keep working hard. I support all your limitless possibilities.

I was born into a family of doctors, but I was never pushed to be one. When I was an elementary and junior high school student, I was up to my neck playing soccer, and I was planning to continue playing in high school. However, soon after I started high school, my grandfather died of a stroke, and I made up my mind to become a doctor. I gave up on soccer and started studying really hard. I thought, if I were a doctor, I could have made a difference. I asked my parents to allow me to attend medical school, telling them that I wanted to be the general practitioner for my grandmother. I ended up going to medical school and, after becoming a doctor, I ended up working at a university hospital — as I promised — taking care of my grandmother, who also suffered a stroke.

While I was a resident at a hospital, I met a patient, who was in her 20’s, suffering from a rheumatic disease. As I saw her visiting the hospital for treatment of her deformed fingers and wrists, I thought about her life and her family and I had a strong urge to save patients from such pain and suffering. So, I made up my mind to be a doctor specializing in rheumatic and collagen diseases, which were classified as incurable at that time.

Rheumatic diseases were said to be incurable diseases back then, but, thanks to medical progress, they are becoming “curable” if patients receive appropriate care following an early diagnosis. I opened my clinic in 2015 on my conviction to let many patients know this fact with the conviction to maintain rheumatism patients’ limitless possibilities by offering them appropriate care from an early stage.

When opening up my clinic, I was determined make it a clinic that is needed by the people. I am just one of the members of the clinic’s team, and all of the team members here share and maintain my determination.

The number of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases is said to be about 800,000 nationwide. I want to share the reality of the current treatments with as many of them as possible to build hopeful futures by giving appropriate treatments for the diseases. I will work together with other clinic staff as a team to fulfill patients’ hopes, dreams and limitless possibilities.

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