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NEXT Group

CEO Hiroki Nakamura

Aichi prefecture
Message to young people
Everything starts with taking action. There is no protection in just worrying about the state of the world. A person like me — who really didn’t have anything — was able to change my life and make something of myself. What people need is to think about is how they can please the person in front of them, and take action accordingly. In this age of information overload, people tend to stop moving forward once they have a basic knowledge of something. What kind of action you take is completely up to you. Please do your best and we will fully support you.

I was an ordinary child who was rather quiet. It may be hard to imagine, given who I am today, but I was not good at public speaking. I went to beauty school simply to have a trade because I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to do in the future. I rarely gave serious thought to my career and felt that I should just enjoy the present.

During those days of mediocrity, I read a book that changed my life drastically. The book was about life and work and reading it changed my life. The differences between those who can be rich and those who cannot were covered in the book, as well as the real estate business. Being fascinated by the book, I immediately quit beauty school and began working in the real estate industry. I set a goal to make my life prosperous and worked very hard at my real estate company.

Unfortunately, the companies I worked for kept going bankrupt, and I made my fourth job change at the age of 22. The company that my wife worked for also went bankrupt around the same time, so I felt I was at my lowest point. I had never felt so miserable as when I was under such huge economic and emotional pressure. So, I took action to get my life back on track. What I did was invest in real estate as a side job while working for a company. It succeeded to the point that the idea of privatizing the side job was the best choice, so I started my own business. Becoming the president of the company was not the goal I had set out in advance, but I just decided it was the way I wanted to live.Ibecame the president only by giving my best to living the way I wanted to.

The more I achieved with real estate asset management, the more friends and acquaintances asked for my help. I began to offer seminars and share information with people seeking my knowledge to help them and make them happy. That was the prototype for my current seminar business. "Helping the person who is in front of you," is the philosophy of my company and that has not changed. Our clients helped us expand our business overseas, and they helped us in developing many more businesses because they were happy with the support they received from us.

I didn’t grow up in a privileged environment and started my career with no connections or money. But I became a person who can please people. What one person can do is limited, but we can achieve a lot by helping each other and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

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