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Pulmuone Co.

CEO Lee HyoYul

South Korea
Message to young people
As I always say, interest in something new emerges from interest in your surroundings, society, organization and other similar things. I believe creativity emerges from those as well and that will give you a power you never thought you had. These are tough times and the situation you are in is very severe, but I want young people to establish the new power as the older generation in Japan has established one. I want young people not to forget to have energy.

I entered the predecessor of Pulmuone Co. and founded the company with other people. I did so because I found Pulmuone’s goal, philosophy and the direction it takes very attractive. Pulmuone pursued “The right food seeking my family’s health and happiness.” What we were pursuing was “Make the right food culture,” and thus Pulmuone and we shared a similar philosophy. So I decided to enter this company and challenged myself.

As a company grows, its old system cannot endure. Therefore, a company needs to enlarge its vessel when the size increases to a certain point. In short, a company must make the vessel large enough to accept its growth. Failure to do so means a company binds itself with the old system and process. My company kept growing but stalled at a certain point. To overcome this, I have renewed the structure, system, vision, mission and other things.

Our business is innovative in South Korea. For example, we sell tofu in a package and moyashi bean sprouts in a bag. We are the first to try this. We also sell organically produced agricultural produce, but South Korea did not have standards on organic agriculture. There is no legal infrastructure for genetic modification, organic agriculture and mineral water.

While I was struggling growing my company with a lot of difficulties and problems, I made it a policy to know where I stand. This is what we are thinking all the time, but where am I going? What am I doing? What was I going to do? What do I want to do? You must be able to identify yourself. I think this applies to business as well as products.

Our company has a midterm goal, dubbed “DP5,” or “Define Pulmuone 5.” That means to define our company in the next five years. In it, our goal for annual revenue is 5 trillion South Korean won. That would be beyond a certain level as revenue of a food company. With that level of revenue, our company would probably be considered a large company in the world. To achieve the goal, we will expand our business globally.


Pulmuone Co.
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