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Majestic Grande Hotel

Managing Director
Aman Kunkudatharn

Message to young people
Love and trust your work, whatever kind it is. Once you decide to do it, keep trying hard with a belief that you should make it the best and can do it.

I was born in Thailand but spent most months of every year in India. I studied Indian history and cultures there and also played various sports. I graduated from university in India and then returned to Thailand, earning an MBA degree at Assumption University. Although I wanted to work in the financial or banking industry at that time, I decided to help my family business, which had just started.

In 1999, when I graduated, my father and uncle purchased a plot of land on Sukhumvit Street and opened a small hotel with 55 rooms. Then six or seven years later, in 2005 or 2006, I got a chance to open a new hotel, which is Majestic Grande as we know it today.

I learned a business model by actually managing a hotel. Our hotel was so small that I could get close to guests and employees. What I experienced there really helps in the management of the current Majestic Grande. The facilities were not good enough to satisfy our guests and I had several disagreements with my staff at the beginning. However, we have stepped forward and grown by clearing up every single problem.

Five years has passed since I opened Majestic Grande. Recently, we purchased land of about 3,200 to 4,800 sq. meters. I have not decided whether we are going to build a high-rise hotel or something else. Also, we are planning to invest in a hotel with about 60 rooms in the Sukhumvit area as one of our next projects.

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