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Lao Art Media

CEO Anousone Sirisackda

Message to young people
Japan, with new equipment and clear division of roles, has a very comfortable condition under which youngsters are free to come up with new and innovative ideas, making wonderful products and projects. Please use the environment to its fullest and get the most out of it.

When I was a kid, my parents ran a small shop, selling various goods, such as food, drinks, clothes, etc. Our family was not well off, but I had always been interested and had the chance to be engaged with entertainment through different kinds of media, especially movies. It was only natural that I had always longed to work in this field as a child.

While I had always longed to shoot movies, videos or host concerts, the difficulty of getting all the equipment and human resources had always been in my way of accomplishing those goals. In Laos, if one wanted to create something in the entertainment business, one would have had to buy and import all the expensive equipment needed from foreign countries. Whereas in Thailand, a strong network of associated companies already existed, enabling anyone to rent cameras, sound equipment and even human resources, such as reporters. In order to fill the gap, I decided to start this company.

The greatest concern of the entertainment business in Laos as of now is the lack of human resources. Since there are no professional schools teaching film, I would have to teach everyone from the basics. Once they have gained experience, they will quit our company and become independent, and this cycle never seems to stop. It is a concern for our company that the competent workers keep quitting. However, I would like to believe that by continuing this cycle, I would be contributing to the development of the entertainment market in Laos.

The goal that I would like to accomplish with this company is to build a comprehensive network of entertainment contents in Laos, with Lao Media taking a leadership role.

Company Profile

Lao Art Media
Movie and music production; managing events; renting of stages and equipment