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CEO Loh Lik Peng

Message to young people
I think the most important thing in life is to enjoy yourself and discover something new. Life is fun. If you live a fun life, your job will go well. I started with a boring job, but now I have very different life. Please do something you have a lot of fun with. You can do it.

I was born in Ireland and went to elementary school in Singapore. Then I returned to Ireland. I was a naughty boy as a child. My parents are both doctors. My mother was an eye doctor and my father was a pediatrician. My father took good care of children.

Around 1998 when I became a lawyer, Asia was in the midst of economic crisis and most of the jobs I performed were related to bankruptcies. I was feeling down every day and did not think of the job as fun. I quit being a lawyer and luckily bought a hotel in Singapore’s Chinatown. That triggered purchase after purchase of hotels. I kept moving forward, never looking back. I found Singapore to be a place where hotels are easy to run. Back then, there were only luxurious hotels or cheap hotels. I was confident there was a big business chance in boutique hotels whose prices are moderate.

Around 2008 and 2009, the world was hit by a serious financial crisis. I was working on opening three hotels at the same time, but faced various troubles. I needed money for the openings and had to check that everything was going smoothly. Luckily, the crisis was resolved for me in 2010 and the hotels opened. Nonetheless, I was very nervous around that time.

What I think is very important are new discoveries. Go to new places and do something, and then you will find something. I would like to move forward in my life with this philosophy in mind.

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Hotel and restaurant operator