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H.P.M. Inc.

President Yuji Yagi

Aichi Prefecture
Message to young people
When you are working on something, you can’t see the entire picture of what you are working on. But, if you do your best in tackling each task one by one, they will be eventually pulled together organically. That means, you consider what you are doing now as an investment for yourself in the future, rather than thinking about it as a means to earn your pay.

I went to elementary, junior and senior high school all in the same school district. In senior high school, I was very much into playing volleyball. After I failed to pass the entrance exam for the university that I had wanted to attend, I went to another university in Nagoya. There, I wasted my time playing around and working part time, eventually dropping out in my first year. After that, I went back to my hometown and worked part time at a convenience store for about four years. During that time, I learned to have a positive attitude with customers and actively talk to them. It turned out to be a good lesson that I utilized in my later career.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to a sales position at a real estate company. Just two weeks after joining the company, I started selling. Luckily for me, I was able to land seven or eight contracts soon after starting. This good start to my career was only possible because of the positive and active attitude I took in talking to customers, the lesson I learned at the convenience store. Before I knew it, I had the skill to make anyone I spoke to have a favorable impression of me.

I was appointed to branch manager, and four years later, I was promoted to area manager for the Toyokawa district. There were many female employees there and I tried to build strong communications with them in an effort to create a good work environment.

In 2012, I formed my own company, but I had no customers or clients in the beginning. Then, I happened to run across one of my former clients, who brought us 50 separate deals. That was fate that I believe was brought to us because I maintained the positive and active attitude with all of my customers.

At present, we are considering new business strategies, as we are in the fifth year of business. First, we will separate owners and managers of real estate properties. Then, we are planning to do business in Nagoya. Until recently, Nagoya had drawn little economic attention, even though the city is located at the center of Japan and has convenient access to almost any place in the country. So, I figured that it is very appealing with a lot of potential to extend our branches all across the country centered on the city. Also, we are working on a plan to sell abandoned land to people from outside Japan, in particular those from ASEAN nations, while we will manage their properties.

Looking back on the path I took, I could say I managed to make my journey step by step doing something I believed in. They say luck is part of your talent, and I say good luck is always in front of you, not behind you. So, I want you all to go follow your own path not by looking back, but with a forward-looking, positive attitude.

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H.P.M. Inc.
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