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Risinghomes Co., Ltd

Osamu Hashimoto

Kanagawa Prefecture
Message to young people
People these days make judgments on things based only on images and rankings. But what is important is to see a real picture of things. It is to face yourself, with sincerity; full of expressions of your joy, anger and sadness.

I was just an ordinary boy, fond of playing baseball and soccer. I went to a highly ranked high school where I came across many talented students who were able to strike a good balance between studying and playing sports. I realized that there are many excellent people in the world, and learned that I should never underestimate someone; this lesson turning out to be the foundation of my thinking. Right before graduating high school, I had the urge to move to Tokyo and took an entrance exam for a university in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I failed to pass the exam for the school I was most interested in, as I had not been serious until then. But, I moved to Tokyo anyway to prepare for university entrance exams for two years, eventually passing an entrance exam.

After graduating from university, I landed a job at an insurance company, but I quit, as I didn’t feel the business was right for me. After that, I switched to real estate sales, something I had been interested in. Soon after I started the job, I was doing well, attracting the attention of others. My performance was good, my pay was good and I was happy doing the job with self-confidence. However, other people started treating me unfairly and bullying me and I started thinking about quitting. I thought about it every day. But then I realized something; I was blaming other people for anything bad that happened to me. After that, I made up my mind not to quit my job, and I decided to not have such a personality. I started working very hard again and was promoted to section chief within three-and-a-half years. My salary reflected my hard work and when I saw the numbers I cried with joy. If I had quit my job back then, I probably would have gone back to being the same old me; a person who didn’t work hard enough to go through something, and who didn’t make enough effort to finish anything. The moment of truth comes when you stand on the edge. That is what I learned from this experience and that is what I always tell my staff now.

I was working in a management position when I started noticing bad habits and business practices in serving customers; things that are particularly rampant across the entire real estate business. Ordinary people think the real estate business is a tricky business full of pitfalls that only experienced salespeople can get through. I wanted to change that. I made up my mind to form my own company to change the bad image of the business. At the beginning, I was very nervous, as I didn’t have any connections or a network, and I faced constant hurdles and difficulties. But I eventually managed to overcome the difficulties due to my built-up experience in the business, and above all, thanks to the support from my customers. The outcome of your hard work doesn’t come today, but if you don’t run from hardships and continue to keep working hard, you will be rewarded eventually.

The financial performance of my company was improving, the number of employees was increasing and everything was going well. One day, when I thought things were going well, I discovered that my own staff was deceiving me. It was the start of a negative spiral that included concealing errors, a deteriorating office atmosphere and workers leaving the company. I lost confidence in my work and I was both physically and mentally exhausted. Then, one morning, I saw my daughter polishing my shoes. With a sad face, she said, “Dad, don’t give up.” The moment I saw her, I regretted that I had been so occupied with work that I hadn’t been paying attention to my daughter and I decided to shut down my company.

In preparing to shut down the company, I was doing paperwork for the departing employees and making arrangements for them to find new jobs. In the meantime, just to stay in business for the closing period, the company started selling apartments and saw good results. This was the turnaround; the business was back on track and the company was on an upward trend. I was determined to start things all over again. Even after I decided to close the company, my staff didn’t leave and stayed on to do their best. I saw that and I came to trust them, and myself, too.

Until now, I had only vanity goals in my mind such as listing the company’s shares on the stock exchange, or simply making the company bigger. From now on, I want to stay with my workers who have deep ties with each other and who are friendly. This is what I want to be the company norm; I don’t care about the number of workers, I just want to turn this company into a long-lasting one with the ones I have.


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