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Sekolah Victory Plus

School Director
Yustina Ries Sunarti

Message to young people
Japanese people have many modern facilities that Indonesia does not have. However, I would like you to keep in mind not to depend on such things too much. Comfort and conveniences can make us dependent and corrupted. You can forget to keep trying your best in a situation that is prepared beforehand. Thus, hold firmly onto your own dreams and visions, and act upon them day by day.

After I graduated from high school, I entered a university and studied education. At that time, I earned money for my daily expenses and tuition by helping my mother, who ran a retail shop. I had four siblings and we all needed to express our ideas to earn pocket money. My mother taught us a lot of things, such as the importance of doing one's best and taking responsibility. Thus, now I am not frustrated with working from morning to night without any rest.

After I graduated from university, I was a teacher at a Catholic school. People around us got to know that I was an English teacher because I wore the school uniform. Then, many mothers brought their children to my home to have me teach them English. After receiving an investment from my husband's boss, I could change my garage into an English school. After one year of preparation, I could start my English school. I had 30 students in my first class.

In 1998, the time I founded my school, there were no English schools nearby. Thus, my school was the first international school in the city of Bekasi. The number of students also increased at a good rate. What I ask of my students is for them to become broad-minded. If they can do so, they can encounter foreign cultures and religions with respect. It is important to have a mind that respects other communities for everyone to belong to one community.

Our goal is to make the school become the most advanced international school. By developing students' abilities to the maximum, they can become citizens of the world. Now, the world is borderless. There are new businesses that never existed before and students have the ability to make their dreams come true. What can we do to help children achieve their goals? This is a question I continually ponder and that drives me to run my school.


Sekolah Victory Plus
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