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Lega Dental Clinic

President Hisao Nakayama

Gunma Prefecture
Message to young people
It is said that there are an increasing number of youths who do not know what they want to do. They must decide what they want to do from what they like to do or their experiences. While it is true that not many adults provide guidance, young people should actively listen to successful people. Young people should also read, as reading provides clues on other people’s views are and may give direction for what you could do.

Due to my father’s work, I moved around a lot when I was young and had to change school many times. So, I had few friends, and liked to play alone making things. I liked Leonardo da Vinci and Gennai Hiraga and filled my room with gadgets and tools for my personal experiments. My grandfather was a doctor, and two of my uncles were dentists and I wanted to be one, too. I was interested in a job helping people, specifically one that allowed me to use my hands. Unfortunately, because my father’s national public servant salary was not enough to pay the tuition, I was unable to study dentistry at a private university. Instead, I was told to take as long as I needed to pass the exam for a national university. I went to a preparatory school for a few years to study for the exam and eventually passed the test. Thanks to the large volume of textbooks, notebooks and other materials I used to prepare for the exam, I was working part time as a tutor for high school students, raising tuition money for university.

After graduating university, I joined Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital to learn more clinical techniques and the mental aspects of being a dentist.

After that, I opened Lega Dental Clinic in 1991. Dentistry offers a wide variety of sub-sectors such as prosthetic dentistry to make dentures and artificial teeth; orthodontics to straighten teeth: conservative dentistry to treat periodontal disease and bad teeth; preventive dentistry; oral surgery; and, in recent years, home-visit dental care for senior patients. Dentists in any of those sub-sectors are required to have a vast amount of knowledge and to master high-level treatment skills. I am basically a curious person and pursue whatever I am interested in, so, I went to many lectures and academic events to ensure I had up-to-date skills and knowledge. I am trying to bring in the best treatment techniques and methods to my daily work, and I believe is more passionate than I am.

The knowledge I learned in university is not nearly enough to provide patients with genuinely good-quality dental care. Treatments and materials are also improving every day, and it is indispensable for me to try to keep up with the improvements by practicing and learning new treatment skills every day. My policy is not to be tied to one specific treatment method in offering safe and effective dental care. As I said, I am a curious person, so, I always go to someone who is said to be a master of dental care, to hear their opinions and learn their techniques. I believe it is most important for a practicing doctor to make decisions based on comparing extensive treatment knowledge and techniques from all over the world.

These days, I am not only interested in offering good treatment for dental diseases and oral problems. My interest is shifting to what we can do prevent them in the first place. If it were possible to prevent those problems, it would surely be better to offer patients the services of how to prevent the problems. Given the rising medical costs facing the aging society, Japan’s medical insurance system is likely to fail if we don’t shift our focus to that idea. In order to avoid that happening, I’d like to enlighten as many as people I could about the idea of preventative oral care.

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