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Meikeikai Medical Corp

President Toshiaki Takizawa

Saitama Prefecture
Message to young people
Do not set limits, but believe in yourself. Invest time, money and energy in yourself and go forward into the future.

While I was in school, I agonized over the question of why we had to study just to prepare for university exams. Then, I came to a thought that, if I had to study anyway, it would be better to study something directly related to a future career that requires specialty skills, like a doctor. I also thought it would be easier to become a dentist, so I decided to study dentistry in university. Additionally, I wanted to eventually open my own clinic and I thought it would be easier to open a dental clinic. Many dental students count doctors or dentists among their relatives, but none of mine was doctors or dentists. So, I had no connections or inside information on a career in medicine. When my graduation was approaching, I didn’t know what to do after it and just wasted time. I visited many dental clinics and hospitals to see what they were like and I heard many stories about a dentist with a reputation for being both very strict and extremely talented. Back then, I knew nothing about him, but after I did some checking on him, he intrigued me and eventually I joined the school he ran, the International Dental Academy.

After practicing at the International Dental Academy for a year, I moved to the International Dental Clinic to work and was able to perform a variety of top-of-the-line dental treatments. The clinic’s policy was very strict not only on dental treatments, but also on the cleaning of the workspaces before, and after, treating patients. I learned, to my core, that people couldn’t reach world-class standards unless they pushed themselves very hard under such strict conditions. That lesson was a precious experience in my life, and I really appreciated the rigid working environment. Under such a serious atmosphere, I was able to finalize the image of the dental clinic I wanted to create as my own. With that knowledge, I was able to open my own clinic.

After opening my clinic, I worked really hard to improve my treatment techniques, but the business was not on track for a long time. One day, I realized that being good at treatment doesn’t matter to patients. So, I decided to introduce things other dental clinics don’t have. I am working hard to obtain high-end treatment equipment, such as CT scanners, so I can offer patients more treatment options, giving them what they want. I place top priority on conducting pre-treatment counseling, as each patient has different situations and circumstances. The right answer in the medical sense is not necessarily a satisfactory option to a particular patient. I want my patients satisfied by offering them the kind of dental treatment they want, through extensive pre-treatment counseling.

I have been engaged in dentistry for several decades, but even now, I can’t help thinking every day that dentistry is a profound profession. I am trying to offer my patients dental treatments that makes them think, “We can rely on this dentist,” or “I’m glad to meet this dentist.” Amid the evolving medical industry, I, too, want to make progress in many areas.

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Meikeikai Medical Corp
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