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President Hikaru Furukawa

Kanagawa Prefecture
Message to young people
You have to give up on something to gain something else. You need to get rid of something you don’t need if you have something else you really want to have. That is a resolution. Life is a series of making choices and decisions, and the bigger what you seek to gain is, the bigger you have to bet on it. You should not be so naive to assume you can have something you want without betting anything. When you start something new, everyone has fears and worries. But, you cannot move forward if you keep trembling in fear. The difference between someone who can explore his own path and someone who cannot is nothing but the difference of the strength of their resolution. A resolution explores your future path. You have only once chance to spend your life, and if you want to make the best of it, you need to make a resolution.

After graduating from the College of Law of Nihon University, I worked at several law and accounting firms. At that time, I thought that there should be something more we could do to benefit our clients and I wanted to be engaged in the consulting business that presents clients more proposals to provide them with more valuable information. That was the inspiration to form my own company. At many of the firms I worked for, we did only what was already arranged beforehand, or simply doing something assigned to us. Even though there were many things we could do to benefit our clients, we didn’t propose them. I found that I couldn’t accept this conservative business style.

Since opening my own office, what I’ve always tried to do is nothing but make our clients happy, as I always seek something I can do for them. We are not just doing what we are asked to by our clients. We are offering them something more valuable than expected by giving them genuinely valuable information, so that we can make them say they are really happy to have worked with us.

The impression I had when I was working at several accounting firms before was that many of those firms had only one main player and the rest of the staff were just helpers, gaining work experience simply to open up their own firms someday. But, specialty skills and knowledge are not good enough to run your own company. You need to have marketing and sales skills, communication abilities, as well as capabilities to develop human networks and not everyone is suitable. You cannot gain those skills and capabilities by simply being a helper.

Contrary to that, I want to make my company a place that requires every staff member to be a main player. Since you only live once, I want every one of my staff to take the initiative in what to do as a main player to demonstrate a high-level performance, with a mission and responsibility. I have a lot of ideas and I will keep disseminating them to make them materialize with colleagues who share the same visions. Through these actions, I want to make my company grow to be Japan’s most-loved consulting group; one that is also beloved by employees and needed by society.

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Real Contents Japan
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