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Silla Group

Deputation Administration Officer

Pack Kun Gyu

South Korea
Message to young people
When you face difficulties, if you have a strong will for success and make relentless efforts, I believe people can make their dreams come true. It is also important to continuously learn from diverse experiences throughout your lifetime.

After the Korean War, our family was extremely poor. To support my father, I worked to pay my tuition when I was a student. I always aspired to overcome every hardship and to keep a dream. I wanted to be independent and to become a great entrepreneur, so I experienced various jobs including newspaper delivery since I was a child. When I was a high school student, I worked part-time at an apparel shop where I acquired the basic knowledge on the business.

I always wished and still now I wish to do something to contribute to society. While working at the apparel shop in my high school days, I developed a business concept to be put into practice. Because from an early age, my goal was to be economically independent, so when I started my own business, I determined to decide and solve every problem I would encounter.

The president of the shop where I worked in my high school days was highly appreciative of my attitude toward work. When I wanted to start my business, he gave me full support to open a small apparel shop in Taegu city. It became the foundation of the current company. In those days, a major marketing method was to sell a small volume of expensive clothing at places like department stores. But I adopted a joint-sales system in which consumers are able to choose from diverse items of good quality at inexpensive prices in a spacious space, which encourage consumers to spend money on products.

The most difficult thing was to employ new staff who share the same views and are passionate about them while assigning them at the right time when expanding the business. We make the best efforts in personnel matters as it is the very basis of company management. The biggest decision I made so far was to give up developing a big-scale, new brand. Everyone opposed my decision, but I believed that by giving up what I judged was wrong could allow investment in a further, bigger opportunity. I think, in the end, this incident helped to make the company sustainable.

I would like to develop the company further through a franchise business as well as to enter the Chinese market. Japan is a very attractive market, but consumers are very strict on quality. By meeting their demands, we also would like to enter the Japanese market in the future.

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Silla Group
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