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NEXT Corp.

President Hiroki Nakamura

Aichi Prefecture
Message to young people
Just take action first. Nothing starts unless you take action. No one protects you if you're just pessimistic about society and don’t do anything. I had absolutely nothing, but I changed my life to get to where I am today. I did not do anything difficult; I concentrated on thinking about how to “make the person in front of you happy" and took action. Just because we now live in a society with too much information, do you just “kind of know many things” and not do anything beyond that? What action to take is entirely up to you. We support you however we can.

I remember that I was an ordinary child. I spent my life without direction and without a particular future dream. I did not know what I wanted to do and I went to a beauty school because I vaguely thought I wanted to have a skill. I lived for the moment and didn’t really take the future too seriously.

I then found a book, which drastically changed my life. The book was about a new way of thinking about life and it had a big impact to me. I had an interest in the real estate chapter in it, and decided to postpone becoming a beautician and instead gained a variety of experience and knowledge at the real estate agencies I went to work for.

Unfortunately, several of the companies I worked for went bankrupt and I changed jobs four times by the time I turned 22. The company my wife was working for also went bankrupt and I had never felt so low. My company couldn’t protect me and I wanted to protect my family. I decided to change my lifestyle and started real estate and investment as a side business while working for a company. My income from the side business gradually grew to the point that it eclipsed my salary and I decided to found my own company.

After becoming somewhat successful in real estate investment, my friends and acquaintances began asking my advice. I came to realize that there were many people concerned about their future, just as I had been. To address this, I began holding seminars and doing other things to raise awareness of real estate investment.

My company motto of “Make the person in front of you happy” has never changed and our happy customers introduced new customers and our business has begun expanding overseas.

I started from a place where I had nothing; I didn’t have an easy childhood, I had no connections or money. I want many people to know that even someone like me can become a person who can make people happy. People cannot do everything by themselves. But they can do anything if they help each other and share knowledge. I want people to feel the feelings that I had direct experience in, and thus I opened Share Ability Space in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, in 2016, the first such thing in Japan.

I'd like to spread the motto “Make the person in front of you happy” as widely as possible by opening spaces in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and across Japan and the world.

Company Profile

NEXT Corp.
Shizuoka Prefecture
Real estate, consultation, seminars