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SU Partners, Inc.

President Yuta Suzuki

Tokyo Prefecture
Message to young people
I want the younger generations to show gratitude to the people around them and to make a habit of thanking those they interact with. That is the idea our company policy — the customer-first spirit — is based on and that is the attitude I want them to keep in mind.

Because of my father’s work I was able to live in Sweden and France till the age of 10. After returning to Japan I started my real estate business at the age of 21.

At the beginning I had no special reason for choosing this job, but I wanted a job where I could earn good money. It turned out that the job was not so easy and my sales figures were not as good as I expected. But I worked hard, kept focused and continued to improve my communication skills with clients. As a result, I noticed my sales gradually increasing.

I thought most salespeople didn’t seriously care about their clients seriously when they were working with them. So I had questions about how to improve my relationships and provide the best services for my clients. It is important to have a reliable relationship with clients. So I decided to start a new company focusing on the client’s needs.

I think many people misunderstand the real estate business and I want them to learn the good side of business through my company. This was the biggest decision I made when I started this company. It was also the biggest purchase in my life and I will take full responsibility to manage and create a good working environment that will help my staff work more comfortably with me.

I hope that we will learn from each other and grow every day to improve the company. I always hold onto this strong determination in my mind, and will make my best efforts for my staff to maintain high-quality service and performance. Although our company is very young, I am very fortunate to have many wonderful employees. This industry has many different companies that have to deal with many different kinds of real estate. So our mission is to keep offering the best products and services to our clients to keep them happy and satisfied.

I want to offer our clients a good life plan and let them find their own value in their lives regardless of economic fluctuation and social change. Our sales target at present is to reach 20 billion a year over the next three years. We want to disseminate information and guidance about the growth of the Japanese real estate market. We are planning to not only offer consultation services to global investors, but also introduce overseas real estate to the domestic market.

I hope that my company will be a good bridge connecting Japan and the global markets.

Company Profile

SU Partners, Inc.
Real estate sales, asset consulting, property management consulting, mortgage consulting, insurance agency